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How to Get Blender Balls Apart in 10 Seconds

Let’s talk about one of the most frustrating parts of fitness. Blender bottle balls. Those silver, spiral-y balls are great for breaking down protein powder like a boss but they are exceptional at getting tangled. If you have ever been a victim of blender balls getting tangled, then you know what I’m talking about. When you are in the moment, it feels like you will never figure out how to get blender balls apart.

But today, we end the long war against the tangled blender balls! I have finally figured out the secret to how to get blender balls apart every time and I can’t wait to share the knowledge with you. Get ready to claim your life (and your blender balls) back with these 5 easy steps of how to get blender balls apart. 

The Five Step Process:

Step 1: Assess Your Tangled Mess

Regardless of how it happened (or who you want to blame for not separating them in the dishwasher…) take your  tangled blender balls and pull them apart. Even though they are still stuck together, pulling them apart allows you to see which blender ball is more stuck in the middle. 

In this picture, the blender ball on the left is just a little higher up than the one on the right. This means that the right blender ball is stuck inside the left blender ball. So our goal here is to free the right blender ball from being trapped inside the left ball. 

Step 2: Fit One Inside the Other

Now that you have identified which blender ball you are trying to free, try to align the trapped ball inside the other blender ball. So again in this picture, the ball on the right is the one I am trying to get free. The right blender ball is now fully inside the left blender ball.

Step 3: Strech Outer Ball Apart

You are getting close now! Here you need to gently stretch the outer blender ball (what was originally our left ball in this example) so that you can easily see the inside blender ball (originally the right ball). 

Step 4: Push the Inner Ball Together

It’s almost time to celebrate! These last two steps require you to use a lot of fingers simultaneously, so if you have someone around to help assist, that would make these last two steps easier.  

While still stretching the outer blender ball, use your extra fingers (or someone else’s) to push together the ball that is inside. 

Step 5: Pop It Out

Lastly, take that pushed together ball that is on the inside and move it around the outer ball coil to free it from the trap. Just like that, they are free! 

Hopefully just knowing that there is a way to get your blender balls apart without pulling your hair out will provide you with some comfort now. For those that would prefer to see the whole process in one motion, check out how to free your blender balls apart in the short video below.

Watch the full untangling:

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How to get blender balls apart

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