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What Are Ranger Panties and Do They Really Work?

Ok my dudes. This one is for you. Maybe you’re familiar with ranger panties or maybe not so much. Regardless, you probably have some questions. For instance, are they just a fashion fail or can these shorts help you level up your running game? We’ve got all the reasons you should give them a chance and the best brands to purchase them from in today’s blog post.

What Are Ranger Panties?

Simply put, ranger panties are just super short, shorts. And who do we have to thank for the incredibly short, thinly lined trunks?

The U.S. Military.

Specifically, the U.S. Army Rangers adopted these shorts as part of their PT uniform back in the 70s. By the time the 80s came around, the shorts had found their way into mainstream men’s fashion. Thankfully, the ranger panties style did not stick around for long as a daily clothing option for men. We should also point out that you may have also heard these short shorts called silkies. That’s because the Marine Corp. also adopted these as a part of a PT uniform at some point in time. And of course when they did that, they needed to change the name to something different.

But even though the ranger panties didn’t last as a fashion statement, the shorts have stayed fairly popular for working out. So because of that, we explored why these shorts have stayed a favorite for athlete people.

Why You Should Wear Them


Listen, ranger panties may be short. But you won’t meet a single guy that will tell you they aren’t comfortable (I mean you might, but the odds are low).

Why does everyone say they are so comfortable?

Because ranger panties are incredibly thin and loose. And you may be thinking that a thin material would wear easily. Interestingly enough, the nylon fabric that most of these shorts are made with are impressively durable. And even though these shorts are short, they don’t ride up your butt or cut off circulation in any of the wrong places.

For the runners out there, chaffing can be a real problem. But thanks to the shape and softness of the ranger panties, chaffing is rarely an issue with these shorts.


When it’s hot outside, especially in the south, the last thing you want to put on for a workout is thick clothes. Wearing something with a looser fit gives the sweaty parts of your body more room to breath. Not to mention, less fabric means less irritation of sweaty fabric rubbing against your body while you move.


You don’t have to pay brand name prices for these tiny little things. When it comes to buying a pair of ranger panties, you can currently find tons of options under $20. But if you prefer patterns over plain, solid colors you can end up spending closer to $40 or so.

Let’s be honest here. $40 for a pair of running shorts is still about half of what it costs to purchase one pair of Lululemon men’s shorts online. So if you find yourself falling in love with ranger panties, you could buy quite a few pairs for less than $100.

Top 5 Best Ranger Panties

Well now that you know the ranger panties are a must-have, we went ahead and found the best options that are currently out there for you.

Image via Amazon

1. Soffe Men’s Authentic Ranger Panties

You can’t beat the price on these.

Also, not that 4.6 on Amazon isn’t already a good rating. But when you dig into why some rated the shorts low, it’s mostly because people are complaining about how short and/or thin they are.

As we have already explained, ranger panties are extremely short. So hopefully there won’t be any surprises when you order a pair. One particular reviewer explained that the fabric does pill over time but he was impressed that holes or tears weren’t appearing after serious use.

Soffe shorts also come with a liner brief and small key pocket in case you need to carry a tiny amount of cash or key with you on your run.

Image via Rogue Fitness

2. Rogue Ranger Panties

Represent Rogue with their own branded pair of these short shorts. Again, the reviews speak for themselves. But as you read through them you realize how many doubters have been turned to believers after buying these shorts!

Sure, some people don’t feel comfortable wearing them outside of the house. The Rogue shorts are especially see through just FYI. But for something so comfortable and only $20, why not buy a pair to wear around the house?

Each pair of 100% lightweight nylon tricot comes with a liner brief and key pocket.

Image via Valhalla

3. Valhalla Ranger Panties

Buying a pair of ranger panties? You may as well embrace the thigh action and get some ranger panties with a little pun included.

Valhalla offers a wide range of punny shorts. These shorts would make for a great white elephant gift for the holidays or a fun joke for a friend. The “Thigh of the Tiger” shorts are the most popular with some hilarious reviews. Some gym goers swear their leg day workouts are better, thanks to these shorts. Others say they make for excellent long distance shorts. The love for these shorts is obvious!

Each pair does come with a brief liner and a key pocket.

Sunga Pocket Silkies
Image via Sunga Life

4. Sunga Life Pocket Silkies

Looking for another layer between you and your ranger panties? Head over to Sunga Life.

Founded by a Navy SEAL, these shorts are unique in that they come with thin compression liner underneath the silkies. What’s nice about the liner, is that it increases a pocket large enough to fit a phone. Each pair of shorts also has a drawstring and are made mostly with microfiber. Because of the change in fabric, these shorts can double as swimwear if necessary.

Sure, these shorts are a little pricer but they are also more versatile. And with an added layer, they offer an easier way to transition into the ranger panties life.

Westu Ranger Panties
Image via Wetsu


For the true military options, head on over to Wetsu. Focused on creating content and gear for the airborne community, this site has a ton of military branded ranger panty options. These shorts are actually made by the Soffe brand we featured earlier but have the airborne branding you may want to support.

We love supporting veteran owned companies. So for something that started as shorts for PT in the military, it was only smart to include some veteran owned businesses in this list!

That’s all we have for today. Share with us any favorite companies that make ranger panties that we may have missed. But please, don’t share any photos of them in action 😂. The internet appreciates you. And if you’re curious about what to read next? May we suggest one of our most popular posts, the best Rogue rack guide. That way, you wear your ranger panties in the comfort of your own home while using your home gym squat rack.

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