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Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Loves Amazon Lululemon Dupes

Recession or not, those Lululemon prices have always hit in the wallet hard. By now, all kinds of Amazon Lululemon dupes exist out there. But have you ever taken the time to really compare Lululemon vs Amazon dupes side by side?

Today is your day to take a look at both the Lululemon and Amazon item to see if you can spot the dupe.

We’re comparing popular men’s and women’s items to see if you can notice enough of a difference to justify the costlier purchase.

Or who knows, maybe by the end of this you’ll be swayed to try a Lululemon Amazon dupe or two yourself!

Women’s Amazon Lululemon Dupes

First up, we’re comparing a variety of women’s Amazon Lululemon dupes. Lululemon is always retiring styles like the Wunder Under leggings (RIP 😢) and introducing exciting new styles as well.

With this post, we’re focusing on the recent styles we love from the brand and which items we’re actually loving from Amazon’s version.

If you’re looking for cropped long sleeve workout tops, be sure to check out our post where we compare real vs dupe items.

Align™ Tank

Is it just me or is it always impossible to find a sports bra that will work with the top you want to wear that day? Maybe I’m just buying the wrong bras but wow do I love it when I can find a built-in bra workout out top!

Definitely for smaller chested ladies but the Lululemon align top gives me plenty of support for cardio workouts. I also love that the bra comes with a little padding to help my flat chested self but it’s removable if that’s not your thing.

Now when it comes to the Amazon dupe? I’ll say that the dupe has more of a loose fit at the very bottom. So the bottom parts of the front and back of the tank don’t squeeze you as much as the Lululemon version. But that tiny bit of wiggle room can be nice if you’re sitting for a long time or doing a strength workout that requires a lot of core breathing.

Would I still suggest the dupe? An absolute yes on this one.

Last to note is that the feel of each fabric is a different with the dupe but they are both buttery soft. I would also say you get a little bit less support with the dupe’s built-in bra but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. By less support I mean that you don’t feel like you’re having to peel the top off of you and so you chest can breath a little more comfortably.

Belt Bag

Oh the belt bag that broke the internet.

Ok maybe not the internet but these Lululemon belt bags used to go out of stock the second they were live. These bags are still bestsellers but have you ever taken a look a the Amazon Lululemon dupe here?

So many cute color options!

The Amazon belt bags come with a zipper on the side facing inward, just like the Lululemon option. It also has a mesh pockets on either side once you open the main compartment. You can fit a ton of things in here, all while having a nice, hands-free walk! Save your back and get you one!

Define Jacket

Sometimes you just want to show off a little curve and the Lululemon define jacket is all about helping out with that.

This jacket’s design hugs you a little tighter to give a more hourglass figure shape. Not only is the Define jacket designed to show off curves, but so is the Amazon Lululemon dupe!

Of all of our this vs. that battles today, this jacket dupe might be the biggest money savor of the bunch. At the time of this post, you can save $80 when you buy the Amazon Lululemon dupe version of the Define jacket. Honestly feels like it may be worth the try if you ask me!

Well what’s the difference, if any, between the two jackets?

For one, the Lululemon version has a unique flap at the wrists that can be folded over onto your hands to keep your fingers extra warm. There is also more of a mesh underneath the flap that is on the upper back of the jacket. Lastly, up close you can tell that the stitching of each jacket is different.

Other than that? You have an excellent dupe that costs a heck of a lot less.

Align™ Biker Short

What we ladies are curious about first and foremost is whether either of these shorts give camel toe problems.

I can happily report that both of these seamless biker shorts are camel toe free options!

But while we’re on the topic of issues, if you plan to sweat in the Amazon Lululemon dupes you will definitely see those awkward sweat stains show up (except in the black color). So just be aware that these might be better for errands or short walks around the neighborhood.

Again, the savings when you buy the dupes instead are pretty darn great. You’ll notice that the dupes run a little small so size up 1 or 2 sizes if you like a looser fit.

Align™ Jogger

I’m sorry but please tell me the last time you’ve come across an item on Amazon with almost 100,000 reviews 👀.

Holy cow that’s quite a few reviews.

But hey, if you’re looking for a soft and I mean SOFT pair of athleisure pants to wear then look no further.

Other than the joggers running a little small, there’s not much to hate about these Amazon Lululemon dupes.

Some reviewers warned that the first time you wash them, the color may bleed onto other clothes. One way to avoid color bleed like that is to soak the pants in water first to get some of that out, before putting them into the washing machine for the first time.

Oh and let’s not forget, these dupe joggers also have pockets. So I mean, basically everything I’m looking for in a comfy pant.

Align™ Leggings

Never had your own pair of Lululemon Align leggings? I got lucky and bought my first pair from a final sale rack in stores. And I have to say they really and truly are the most comfortable pair of leggings I’ve ever owned.

Align leggings aren’t tight around the waist or down by the ankle or calf. Honestly my only complaint is my dog’s hair gets stuck in them easier than other leggings. But that’s not Lulu’s fault.

In search of adding more of these beloved leggings to my wardrobe (and to avoid the higher prices), I’ve bought other Amazon Lululemon dupes in the past. Each of those dupes have not been as lightweight and comfortable as the Lululemon ones.

But after a lot of disappointment, I think CRZ YOGA finally got a really good dupe when they made these buttery soft butterluxe leggings!

Scuba Oversized Half Zip Hoodie

This Amazon Lululemon dupe hoodie is #1 on my wish list right now!

I can’t resist a good sweatshirt and one with pockets is like icing on the cake. Not to mention when it’s extra cold outside, I love being able to zip up my jacket all the way up to shield my neck and/or face from the wind.

With this hoodie, you could absolutely tuck your neck and chin out of the elements and get a little added layer of warmth too. But this hoodie also helps elevate your athleisure look with it’s neutral colors and added features.

You probably can spot the dupe on this one (the hoodie on the left) but it’s still a good looking hoodie. The main differences with the dupe is that it has less of a hood and the zipper color and style are different too. Reading the reviews, people have reported this Amazon Lululemon dupe has excellent quality and still has a similar cropped length.

Men’s Amazon Lululemon Dupes

Surge Jogger

At first glance, all the Lululemon men’s joggers look the same to me. In actuality, each of them have a few distinct design differences that make them unique.

For instance the Surge joggers have a thick, solid waistband and zippers on each leg cuff. The cuffs also bunch together at the bottom of each leg. These joggers have pretty thin material so they probably won’t do you much good if you want to use them as a sweatpant.

Take a look at the Amazon Lululemon dupes and you’ll notice they carry most of the same features. The waistband does have the drawstring ties on the front, but as you see in a few of the pictures, these can be removed and still hold up on the waist.

Other than that small detail, I feel like you’re getting these joggers at a steal of a price on Amazon. At the time of this post, the Amazon dupe is over $85 less than the full priced Lululemon version. Wow.

ABC Jogger

Guys if you want a woman’s opinion on which joggers to get, these are the best looking Lululemon joggers currently.

ABC joggers have a thick, solid waistband and thick band around each ankle. Unfortunately, this Amazon Lululemon dupe is not as great of a match as some of the other dupes on the list. But we thought the Amazon version was close (and stylish) enough to still share.

The main differences you’ll notice with the Amazon version of these joggers is that the waistband is more cinched and not flat like the original Lululemon item. A zippered back butt pocket is also not on this dupe. But, the dupe does still have zippered pockets.

Personally, the different waistband and lack of back, zippered pocket wouldn’t be enough for me to turn down trying out the $85+ savings (at the time of this post)!

License to Train Short

Ok other than a little bit of detailed pocket stitching that can be found on the original Lululemon version, I can’t find too much of a difference between these two shorts.

Both versions of this short, rock the thicker waistband and pockets. With the pockets is where you’ll see the main changes in design. Both of these shorts have three total pockets. But the Amazon dupe has two regular pockets and one pocket that zips vertically. When you look at the Lululemon version, you find that all three pockets can zip and one pocket zips horizontally.

Who needs all of their pockets to zip? I’m not sure. But if you’re willing to take a chance on a pair of shorts with a few less zippers, give these dupes a try!

ABC/Commission Pant

I have some friends that will only wear the Lululemon slacks to work. Supposedly they are super comfortable and the stretch in them makes you feel more mobile (aka you can run around in them after work and still be comfortable).

But does the Amazon Lululemon dupe hold a candle up to the original?

I think the answer here is a little more tricky.

What do I mean by that?

Basically the Amazon version of these pants totally looks the same as the Lululemon. But if the quality and comfort of the material that is used on the Lululemon pants is important to you? Then I wouldn’t suggest getting the dupes.

But if you’re looking for a pair of pants that look nice, fit well and are still made with a decent fabric, then I think you can still buy the Amazon dupe.

And if you know a guy that kicks and screams every time they have to get dressed up, you should introduce them to these pants. They may find them comfortable enough to give up the complaining!

City Sweat Hoodie

Nothing beats a new hoodie. In the beginning the fabric seems untouchable, it’s so new and pristine. A nice go-to hoodie is always good to have around.

The City Sweat hoodie is about as simple as a hoodie gets. The pockets are seamless and the fabric is comfortable. But the name brand price tag is currently $128 on the site.

For a hoodie.

That does not have the logo in a noticeable spot.

It’s a blank hoodie that no one will know where it’s from.

So I’m sorry but the just as comfy Amazon version wins this battle hands down. Save yourself almost three times the money and get the good looking version on Amazon instead.

City Sweat Jogger

Dang. Amazon went all out on this last item. Down to the stitching across the back of each leg, the Amazon Lululemon dupe version of the City Sweat joggers is so close to the real thing.

Unlike the Surge jogger, the City Sweat drawstring is in the front. Also keep in mind the City Sweat jogger is a sweatpant so the material is a little thicker too.

If you or someone you know is in need of a good looking pair of sweatpants, don’t hesitate to purchase the Amazon version. You’ll get the comfort and style, all while saving the money you would have spent to buy them at Lululemon.

This pair of pants is an easy yes from the moderately fit crew.

Well that’s a wrap! Generally, we could still spot most of the Amazon Lululemon dupes but one or two did surprise us.

The Align tank and basically any of the men’s joggers are especially amazing in our opinion.

But all in all, it was fun to see how similar the Amazon dupes are when you put them side by side to the real deal. Maybe next time you’re looking for some workout clothes, you’ll consider giving your wallet a little break with these budget friendly dupes.

If you do in up splurging on the real deal and getting some Lululemon, be sure to know how to take care of it. Read up on how to wash your Lululemon clothes in our detailed post.

Let us know in the comments about any of your favorite Amazon Lululemon dupes we may have missed!

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