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The Most Kick-Butt Glute Building Workout Plan PDF

Staring at your pancake flat backside, wondering if it’ll ever look like a sweet peach? I am right there with you my friend. But let’s stare at that butt no more and DO something about it! With our latest glute building workout plan PDF you will find the framework necessary to get those cheeks in shape.

Our detailed, free PDF download is over 20+ pages of glute building goods. But before you scroll to the bottom of this post and dive in to the details of the plan, read a bit more about some additional tips for ultimate booty growing success.

Do the Accessory Work

Building bigger glutes isn’t always based on doing the right exercises over and over. There are other factors that can lead to better (bigger) results. Before you to get to downloading the free glute building workout plan PDF though, let’s talk about some supplemental work that can help that booty grow!

Just like accessory work can help you grow in strength and skill, so can accessory work help you meet your glute building desires.

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High Protein Diet

When you’re working hard in the gym to grow that butt with our glute building workout plan PDF, you actually create tiny little tears in your muscles fibers.

This is where it’s important to consume enough protein because protein is made up of little blocks of amino acids. To repair the little tears in your muscles, the body takes those amino acids from the protein you ate and works to not only fix the muscles but make them thicker and stronger too.

For your body to support muscle protein synthesis (the process I just described), .36 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is recommended to be consumed. High protein diets are also beneficial when it comes to preserving muscle mass while working to lose fat. But with any diet, eating enough calories is also crucial for the body to work at it’s optimal potential.

Gradual Weight or Resistance Increase

Bodies really are so freaking cool. Like when it comes to the important of gradual weight increase aka progressive overload to grow your glutes. Why does this work you might ask?

When your body is presented with stress (like lifting heavier things) it figures out how to adapt and get stronger so that it can do better the next time it comes across that problem again. So by slowly and continually increasing the weight (and/or resistance) you use, you are consistently telling your body to stress out and grow more muscle to meet the need.

While it might sound like you can essentially build muscles overnight with this process, that is sadly not the case. It’s honestly a constant balancing act. You don’t want to keep the resistance or weight too small and not push your body to a point of stress. But you also don’t want to go to heavy and end up injured.

Ultimately, if you follow the glute building workout plan PDF and progressively overload in small increments, while also switching up the rep ranges you should be able to avoid plateaus. With this process, along with the other accessory work details, you should see serious booty results!

Give an Extra Squeeze

I’ll never forget the coach that was always telling us to squeeze our cheeks together at the top of every squat “like you’re trying to stop passing gas”. He was constantly telling us to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze at the top and it’s absolutely something I still think about to this day.

Why did he care so much about making sure we were squeezing our butt cheeks at the top of a lift? Because this is a small, but very powerful way to to activate your muscles for optimal growth.

Squeezing your butt cheeks at the top of a movement makes you focus on correct form but also ensures that the glute muscles are doing the majority of the work. It can also increases muscle activation which is a great way to improve muscle growth.

By taking the few extra seconds to squeeze your glutes together at the top of every movement, you can lead your butt muscles down a road to a larger overall butt.

Stop Skipping Rest Day

Honestly though, you’ve got to stop skipping rest day and give your body a break. Big butts don’t happen if you don’t give your body time to adjust from constant workouts.

Seriously though. Want to know why rest days so valuable in reaching your big booty potential?

A ton of things are happening behind the scenes and inside your body when you give it a day to rest.

We already talked about muscle protein synthesis but it’s wild all the other things that are happening simultaneously.

Like did you know your muscles feel sore due to an inflammatory response? By resting, you’re telling the body to stop triggering that response. The body can then work to reduce inflammation, which reduces your muscle soreness and helps speed up your recovery time.

During rest days, the body also works to replenish its energy. Energy comes from glycogen, a type of carbohydrate that gets stored in muscles. As you workout, you use up this glycogen. If you don’t give the body time to rest, then it doesn’t have ample time to store up energy again for the next workout.

All that to say, recovery periods play an important role in growing your muscle. At the very least, it helps you avoid overuse and injury. When you’re injured, it’s more difficult to work out and so then you’ll be even more behind on your behind (gains).

So do you body (and butt) a favor and stick to observing some rest days here and there. Otherwise, you downloading our glute building workout plan PDF won’t do you as much good in obtaining that juicy butt.

Find a Habit Forming Method

Not only is habit forming and consistency the real key to all of this, it’s important that you find the best method for you.

Just because someone you know formed a habit by doing “x”, doesn’t mean that same way will work for you. You’ve got to put in the work to investigate habit forming and what you need to succeed.

What I will say is that there a few science based methods that have a pretty great track record. Here at Moderately Fit, we’ve created a text message based app that helps promote consistency in your life. Whatever goal or habit you’re chasing our habit forming app can help. Enroll in our next cohort so you can take advantage of its help now!

But if you’re not ready to enroll in an app or accountability challenge, consider reading up on habit forming. There are a ton of helpful resources like James Clear’s Atomic Habits or The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. And if you’re tried of hearing about those books over and over (even though they are excellent reads), you can always find a motivational podcast by Tony Robbins or a TedTalk on the subject.

The resources are out there, ready for you. But you have to be willing to put in the work in order to get the reward from it.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with this list of accessory work. If you take the time to download the glute building workout plan PDF and set your mind to a few tweaks as you work through it, you’re going to see amazing results. We hope you’ll share those results with us!

But without further ado, click the link below to download your very own version of our Glute Reboot. This glute building workout plan PDF is 30 days of booty work that we hope you find valuable.

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