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Get in shape & stay in shape

A simple, scientific method to build your fitness habit.

Example text message conversation - Chaching! You just unlocked $5. Your reward total is now $23 out of $100. At 6:00 PM: Hey just a reminder to get your sweat in today! Today at 11 PM: Womp. You missed out on $15 today. Try again tomorrow! Your reward total is now $23 out of $100.
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How it works

Put up $$$ that you earn back
if you complete your fitness habit.

Lose $$$ to the community if you
don't complete your habit. Every day.

Submit proof with a text message.
No extra app downloads.

Earn your money back, plus community money, as you build your fitness habit.

The science

Inspired by B.F Skinner’s Operant Conditioning, Kahneman's Prospect Theory and James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

While it’s most effective if we don’t share too much about how the pudding is made… The gist is, we reward you for completing your fitness habit and punish you for not. Learn more here.

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Simple, lasting change

What makes the Moderately Fit challenge first in class.

Backed by science

The same psychology that makes slot machines addicting makes this app so powerful. Use science to build your next healthy habit.

Simple SMS-based solution

You don't need another app to clutter your phone. Simply text us photo proof each day to unlock potential rewards.

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Earn your reward

Stake money that you earn back if you complete your daily fitness habit. If you don't lose money to the community.

Built-in accountability

If we don't hear from you on any given day during the 30 day challenge, we will send you a quick text reminder.

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