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How to get started

Sign up for a
30 day challenge

Sign up is simple! Just enter your name and cell phone number when you sign up for a 30 day challenge.

Choose the
amount at stake

Add any additional “motivation money” amount you’d like to put towards your 30 day challenge. This is real money that is used as an added incentive during the challenge. The total amount you pay at checkout is $15, plus any additional “motivation money” you add.

Move your body
every day

Each day of the challenge, you have to move your body and text a picture of proof via text message. No workout is too small. The point is to get used to incorporating movement into your daily routine.

TEXT proof &
unlock earnings!

After you text your picture of proof, you receive a text message indicating whether that day was a reward day. If you miss a day and don’t text, you may lose out on $1-$20+ of your motivation money for that day, depending on how much you entered!

Here's the deal

It can sound complicated but it’s really pretty simple.

Every day has money behind it but not every day is a reward day. Reward days are random. Like a slot machine.

If you work out (or not) on a NON reward day, the money goes into a pot. The pot continues to accumulate until the next reward day.

On a reward day, you win the pot when you text proof of your workout for that day (or lose the pot if you don’t) and regardless, the pot is then reset to $0.

All you have to do in order to get your total "motivation money" back in full, is text proof of a workout every day.


It costs $15 to sign up for a 30 day challenge. If you add any additional “motivation money”, that amount will be added to your $15 total at time of check out. During the challenge, you will have the opportunity to win back your motivation money in full but it is not guaranteed without your full thirty day participation.

Example: If you put $50 into your stake, your total at checkout will be $65. If you participate in every day of the 30 day challenge, you will be refunded $50 at the end of the challenge. But for instance, if you only miss one day during the 30 days and that day is a reward day of $5, you will only receive $45 back at the end of the challenge.

The minimum action required each day is to put on your workout clothes and tennis shoes. If that’s all you have time for that day, then great. You took one step towards getting yourself to the gym. This app is built for you though. It requires your hard work and effort, in order to make successful habits.

On a NON reward day, if you don’t text a photo it’s ok because the money goes into a pot regardless. If you miss texting a photo on a reward day, you forfeit the total pot amount and will not be refunded that amount.

Absolutely! If you want to keep going after your 30 day challenge is complete, we encourage you to sign up for an additional month and keep up the awesome work!

No. Not every day is a reward day. The pot accumulates each day until a reward day occurs.

That’s up to you! The reward is meant to be motivating but be financially smart.

The challenge begins the day after you sign up, so get prepared!

$1. The point of the reward at stake is to add monetary incentive for you during the challenge.

We spent a lot of time putting together the best framework to help you be successful in your fitness journey. But this app can’t do the work for you. In order to form a new habit, you will have to put in the hard work, getting up in the early mornings or sweating late in the afternoon. Bring your determination and have some fun! Enjoy the process. 

Moderately fit app sign up window
Phone screenshot of gym equipment
Example text message conversation - Chaching! You just unlocked $5. Your reward total is now $23 out of $100. At 6:00 PM: Hey just a reminder to get your sweat in today! Today at 11 PM: Womp. You missed out on $15 today. Try again tomorrow! Your reward total is now $23 out of $100.
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