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Real or Dupe? The Best Cropped Long Sleeve Workout Tops Right Nnow

As we get into cooler weather, layers can be your new best friend. On your way to the gym or on a walk with a friend, it’s nice to have some cute but warm options. But why not go for the trendier look and shop for some cropped long sleeve workout tops?

We’ve got you covered in this post all about the best cropped long sleeve workout tops, all at different price points. So whether you’re ready to splurge or need to shop the more affordable options, this is the list for you.

Best Cropped Long Sleeve Workout Tops

Lululemon Muscle Love Long Sleeve Shirt

$$$ – Real

1. Lululemon Muscle Love Long Sleeve Shirt

If you like the oversized look, this is the best cropped long sleeve workout top for you! Not only is the material of this top sweat wicking, but it’s also abrasion resistant. So if you need a top that you can trust to wear for the whole workout without getting messed up, this is a great option.

Feel safe from your own stink too if you wear this for a sweaty workout and have to run errands afterward. This top uses Lululemon’s No Stink Zinc™ technology to keep you smelling fresh(ish) after your workout.

Bestisun Long Sleeve Crop Top Cropped Sweatshirt for Women with Thumb Hole

$ – the Muscle Love Long sleeve dupe

2. Bestisun Long Sleeve Crop Top

Leave it to Amazon to give you some good Lululemon dupe options! Take this Bestisun crop top for example. The material is soft and it’s even got thumb holes on the end of the sleeves. Reviewers say you need to size up in order for the crop top to not be crazy, especially if you have a larger chest. 

Compared to the actual Muscle Love Long sleeve shirt, I feel like this is a great Lululemon long sleeve dupe. For the price, it’s certainly worth a shot!


$$$ – Real

3. Alo Ribbed Crop Premier Long Sleeve

This Alo ribbed crop top makes for a great long sleeve shirt to throw on before or after a workout session. Pair this top with your favorite leggings or biker shorts for a more athlesiure look. Or grab a pair of trendy joggers to give it that on-the-go look.

Currently on Alo’s website, this cropped long sleeve workout top has five stars. Reviews say that the shirt runs a tiny bit large so size down if you want a more fitted look. 

Aoxjox Women's Crop Tops Seamless Workout Tops Vital Long Sleeve Shirts

$ – Alo ribbed crop premier long sleeve dupe

4. Aoxjox Women’s Crop Top

People are loving the quality of this ribbed cropped long sleeve workout top! For half the price of the name brand, this crop top still gives you quality and style. This is a compression style top so it is meant to fit tight. If you don’t want to have it as tight, definitely size up. But reviewers suggest going off of your bra size in order to find the best sized top for you.


$$$ – Real

5. Alo Cover Long Sleeve Top

Looking for a fun “twist” to the other cropped long sleeve workout tops? Here it is! The twist in the front gives this top a nice feminine touch while still giving you a shirt made with the material you need. Available in five different colors, this top is the next piece of clothing you need to add to your wardrobe, to give it that.

Bestisun Long Sleeve Yoga Crop Tops Cropped Sweatshirts Lightweight Stretch Exercise Athletic Shirts for Women Workout

$ – the dupe

6. Bestisun Cropped Long Sleeve Workout Top

As far as cropped tops go, this one is a little bit longer than others if you prefer more coverage. With the elastic band around the base of the top, the top fits you snug so it stays put during your workout. This Alo dupe is a great price point that can help you feel stylish while working out or out and about around town.

The Best Long Sleeve Tops

Athleta momentum top

$$$ –  Real

7. Athleta Momentum Top

While it’s not a cropped long sleeve workout top, it’s still a great basic. If you’ve been looking for a top that will go with everything, this is the one for you. Currently in ten colors, this top is comfortable and made to last an intense workout. It’s even got antimicrobial fibers to help you combat any stinky smell. 

CRZ YOGA Women's Long Sleeve Running Shirts with Thumbholes Stretch Breathable Athletic Base Layer Top Workout T-Shirt

$ – the dupe

8. CRZ YOGA Women’s Long Sleeve Running Shirt

Do you love a good deal? I sure do and this workout top is killing the dupe game. I mean even down the thumb holes and thick stitching, this shirt is a perfect addition to your athletic wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

Athleta Uptempo Top

$$$ – Real

9. Athleta Uptempo Top

How can something be so soft and still sweat wicking? This shirt feels like luxury in your hands, while still helping to keep the sweat off your body. Whether you’re going hiking or spending an afternoon out walking the dogs, this UPF 50+ shirt protects you from the sun too!

Muzniuer Womens Long Sleeve Workout Shirt

$ – the dupe

10. Muzniuer Womens Long Sleeve Workout Shirt

The biggest complaint by reviewers on this Athleta dupe is that the shirt is relatively short. Not crop top style short but just not overly long. While the material doesn’t protect you from the sun like the Athleta top, you’re still getting a comfortable long sleeve workout top option with this dupe. For quite a bit less, it may be worth it to you!

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0

$$$ – Real

11. Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0

Talk about a cult classic. The Lululemon swiftly tech long sleeve shirt has been a favorite of Lululemon buyers for some time now. This shirt comes in so many fun colors and makes for a great layering piece for a winter run. If you like a tighter compression style fit, stick with your normal size. But if you’d like it a little looser, size up.

CRZ YOGA Women's Seamless Athletic Long Sleeves Sports Running Shirt Breathable Gym Workout Top

$ – the dupe

12. CRZ YOGA Women’s Seamless Athletic Long Sleeve Top

It’s no surprise to me that this was one of the first Lululemon dupe long sleeve shirts I found on Amazon. Because the real shirt is so popular, it’s no wonder that other companies have tried to recreate it. Be aware that this Lululemon dupe runs a little longer than the original top but has a ton of fun colors to choose from. Also, if you are eyeballing the white color, know that it is not see through! These shirts may just be my most favorite dupe on the list.  

Well hopefully this list helps you decide to buy the real or dupe option. Whether you jump in with both feet and splurge on the real top or decide to try out the style at a more budget friendly price first is up to you!

Let us know if you have any favorite real vs dupe long sleeve workout tops that we may have missed. And if you own so Lululemon items already, feel free to check out our detailed post on how to properly wash each item type.

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