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Does Wood Make for the Best Plyo Box?

Got your heart set on getting another piece of equipment for your home gym? Or maybe your gym is rapidly growing and could use some more boxes for everyone to share? Well who knew that a box could come in so many different varieties! But as usual, there is no need to stress because we’ve laid out the best plyo box by category – explaining the pros and cons of each. 

In this post we dive into the different materials used to make plyo boxes and what questions to ask in order to choose the right box for you. At the end, we wrap it all up by going over the best Rogue plyo box in different categories to help you make the best decision. 

Best Plyo Box – Types of Material

There are four main types of material that are used to build plyometric or plyo boxes. Wood, foam, steel and resin all have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using them in a workout. We dive into the main benefits of each material in this section and what sets the material apart from the rest.

Rogue Fitness Rogue Flat Pack Games Box - Wood

1. Wood

Wood plyo boxes have gotten a pretty terrible reputation but that doesn’t mean one might not be right for you.

First and foremost, wood makes for the best plyo box from a shipping perspective. Most wood boxes get shipped to you unassembled. So while assembly is required, big bucks can be saved with shipping cost. As you can imagine, other box options are heavier and bulkier, which means more expensive shipping prices.

Another big perk of a plyometric box built with wood is that you don’t have to worry about things getting slippery. These boxes give you all the grip you need when stepping or jumping up on them. If you sweat a lot during a workout, you won’t have to worry with a wood plyo box.

Lastly, you can’t forget about cost. Sometimes your budget dictates what you can and can’t afford. Wooden plyo boxes are typically the more affordable options in the market. Plus, you don’t have to feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick as they are a solid, durable option that can take on a lot of weight and impact.

2. Foam

Foam plyo boxes are either loved or hated in my experience. People love them because there is a sense of safety to this material option. You know that if you tried to jump on the box and failed, your shins would not suffer a brutal injury. Whereas some of the people who dislike foam plyo boxes feel like they aren’t as sturdy of a surface or are too slippery. 

But there is something to be said about being able to remove that fear factor in an intense leg workout that involves box jumps. The possibility that a foam plyo box might help improve your overall performance is an interesting theory and could be worth exploring further.

3. Steel

Rogue Fitness Steel Plyo boxes

Steel plyo boxes tend to be popular at the collegiate level since they can withstand the weight of any football player. If withstanding heavy weight is a concern these boxes are the ticket. But that’s not the only reason these make for great plyo boxes. 

For a smaller gym tight on space, the option to stack these boxes is very appealing. In most cases, they also come topped with an anti-skid surface of some kind to prevent any concerns with slipping. While a lot of steel boxes come with a softer top, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will hurt less if you were to fall. 

Rogue Fitness Rogue Resin Plyo Box

4. Resin

Rogue Fitness is looking to the future by releasing the latest in plyometric boxes. Each box is made with recycled plastic so they all have a unique appearance. Resin plyo boxes are a thing of the future because not only are they made from recycled material but they ship flat to reduce shipping cost. Each box requires a small amount of assembly but are just as reliable. You can stack up them up too, which is a bonus for smaller spaces. 

How to Choose the Best Plyo Box for You

Q: How are you going to use a plyo box?

A: Plyo boxes are a valuable piece of gym equipment because there are endless options for how you can use them. Box jumps can get a little sketchy, especially if programmed as part of a workout and not just accessory work. So if you’re worried about your shins getting beat up on a box jump, don’t get a wooden box.

Things like step ups, dips or push-ups can be done at a slower pace. Therefore your options for plyo boxes increase significantly. 

Q: What is the Standard Plyo Box Size?

A: To date, the standard height for box jumps has been 20 inches for females and 24 inches for males, in CrossFit competitions. From there though, it depends on what types of movements you are going to be doing on the box. For instance, a lower box is going to make dips and incline push-ups really difficult.

Q: Where is the Plyo Box Going to Be Used?

A: Your space is an important consideration when deciding the best plyo box for you. Looking just for you? A lot of the 3-in-1 options make for the best plyo box because they have three built-in heights for you to use. 

But if you are looking for options for a greater group, 3-in-1 boxes start taking up a lot of room. Steel or resin boxes are often designed with stacking in mind and may be a potential solution for storing a larger amount of boxes.

Q: How Much Does the Box Weigh?

A: Whatever you do and from wherever you order a plyo box, please be sure to check how much the box weighs. Box weight is important to your safety, especially if you end up using it for box jumps. The heavier the plyo box, the more certain you can be that the box won’t move or budge when you jump on top of it.

Best Rogue Plyo Boxes to Buy

Rogue echo foam games box

Best Plyo Box Overall: Rogue Echo Foam Games Box

The Rogue Echo Foam Games box was crowned the best plyo box because it eliminates most issues. Being made of foam makes it safer on the body, it’s more affordable than the other Rogue foam games box and it’s got 3-in-1 size options!

The Echo Foam Games Box is a budget-priced, rotatable plyo box that features the same 3-in-1 versatility as the standard Rogue Foam Games Box, with 30”, 24”, and 20” height options.

Rogue Fitness Rogue Flat Pack Games Box - Wood

Most Affordable: Rogue Flat Pack Games Box

Get the CrossFit Games setup without the cost of paying for shipping a fully assembled box. Even if you’re not into CrossFit, this box is the best priced option that Rogue currently offers.

The Flat Pack Games Box gives you the same 20”, 24”, and 30” height options and as our standard Games Box, but ships unassembled to save you on shipping costs.

Rogue Fitness Rogue Resin Plyo Box

Best for Small Spaces: Rogue Resin Plyo Box

This category is a tough one to pick just one winner. Some people are looking for a box for their own small, personal space. While gym owners are looking for a larger quantity of boxes that will take up the least space. In the end, we chose the Rogue Resin Plyo box because regardless of either scenario, the resin boxes are a good solution.

Rogue Resin Plyo Boxes can be ordered individually or as a full set featuring (1) each of all 4 sizes. They are packed flat, saving the customer on shipping costs, and require only minimal assembly (holes are pre-drilled).

Rogue Fitness Rogue Foam Games Box

Best for Home Gym: Rogue Echo Foam Games Box

Working out from home a lot of times means working out alone. Remove the risk of injury by getting a foam box for your home gym. The Rogue Echo Foam Games box has three levels (20″, 24″ & 30″) to practice movements on. Not to mention this 3-in-1 Rogue Echo series foam box knocks down the price of their original foam box by a significant amount! 

The Echo series version of the games box does weigh a bit less, which makes it easier to move around but also means it can slide easier. So be sure to keep this box off of smooth surfaces when jumping on it.

The Echo Foam Games Box is a budget-priced, rotatable plyo box that features the same 3-in-1 versatility as the standard Rogue Foam Games Box, with 30”, 24”, and 20” height options.

So there you have it. The best plyo box is out there for you and hopefully this guide helped you figure out which is best! Do you have a personal favorite? Let us know! 

And whether you are working on a home gym or a gym is your business, we’ve also created an ultimate Rogue rack guide to help you continue to build your best gym space. Hopefully the guide can help you out on your next purchase!

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