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Discovering the Best Amazon Dupes for Your Favorite Free People Pieces

Maybe you’re like me and you love you some Free People but that price tag is just NOT in the budget right now. You’re not alone. Today, I’m sharing some of the best Amazon Free People dupes that even had me doing a little double-take. Not only do these finds mimic the style and vibe of the originals, but they also offer an incredible value. So, let’s get to it!

This or That - Get your flirt on shortsie MF comparison image

Get Your Flirt On Shortsie

First up on our list of Amazon Free People dupes is this onesie! You’ll be able to notice with this purchase that the material is not as quality as the real Free People (FP) version. But for the price? It’s pretty darn close to a match.

Of all the items on the list, this isn’t one I’d immediately go online to get. For those looking to elevate their summer workout gear on a budget though, I’d say it’s a good, decent option.

This or that - throw and go onesie MF comparison image

Throw and Go Onesie

What a perfect transitional item? This comfy onesie look is an Amazon Free People dupe that is almost exactly spot on.

You can’t tell very well from the photos but the Amazon dupe does have the stitching across the knee and down the front leg like the Free People version. It comes in a ton of spring or fall colors. For those looking for the extra baggy FP look, I’d size up two sizes.

This or that - high rise 78 good karma leggings MF comparison image

High-Rise Good Karma Leggings

Pay. Attention. To. The. Length.

For a shortie like me, I appreciate when someone calls out potential length problems. These Amazon leggings are soft, buttery and run small (so just size up!). I absolutely love the vintage look of the different color options but these will never work for me due to length.

I’m 5’3″ and I had a ton of extra material bunched by my ankles when trying these on. If you have long legs though, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab you a pair of these high quality Amazon Free People dupes.

This or that - hot shot mini dress MF comparison image

Hot Shot Mini Dress

If you’re living in the South like me, then you know summers get HOT. This dress is the perfect dress to throw on to run errands or could even take you from the beach to a restaurant later in the day.

Before you go buying all the colors, take a look at the main differences you’ll find with the Amazon dupe:

  • Amazon’s version is a baggier fit (or be sure to size down)
  • The FP one does run shorter but the Amazon version has adjustable straps to lengthen or shorten as needed
  • No raw edge hem at the bottom of the Amazon dupe

For the amazing price, I feel like these differences are minor. But it’s always good to know all the details before you buy!

This or that - FP get your flirt on shorts MF comparison image

Get Your Flirt On Shorts

Bahh these frilly shorts are so cute and I love that the Amazon dupes come in so many fun colors too!

What to know about these Amazon Free People dupes:

  • I wouldn’t say they are actually high waisted. You can pull them up high but then your cheeks will more than likely show 🙂
  • They have built in briefs AND pockets
  • If you go up one size, they will still probably fit like your normal size but just give you a little more length and a little less cheek.
This or that - righteous runsie MF comparison image

Righteous Runsie

It’s hard not to get excited over this dupe! I love the style of this FP Movement onesie and the Amazon version nailed it.

For more than half the price, you can get this stylish dupe that’s comfortable and has great bottom coverage. What else to say other than if you’re considering whether it’s worth it, it is.

This or that - Happiness runs crop tank MF comparison image

Happiness Runs Crop Tank

Of all of our Amazon Free People dupes on this list, this crop tank is probably the least similar to the real product. But that doesn’t mean you might not still find yourself taking advantage of this good deal!

Here’s what I know. The Free People Happiness Runs crop tank is super comfortable and also has a lot of structure to it. By structure, I mean you can usually wear the crop tank without a bra underneath.

For the Amazon dupe, the top is still comfortable but it’s tighter at the bottom. It’s also somehow less sturdy, making me feel like I need a bra on with it. The length and overall design of the Amazon dupe is super similar, but when you put it on, know that the comfort level will feel different.

This or that - pleats and thank you skort MF comparison image

Pleats and Thank You Skort

This one is a definite dupe favorite! You can’t really tell from the photo but both skorts pictured have the same unique Free People stitching on the sides. And while with all Amazon Free People dupes, you are getting what you pay for, the quality is still pretty decent with this one.

The one thing I will say is that most of the colors of the Amazon dupe don’t look the same in real life. So just don’t get too committed to an exact color (except maybe the white?) and you’ll be good to go.

This or that - FP Movement Quilted Carryall MF comparison image

FP Movement Quilted Carryall

So this one may be a little deceiving from the photos but the Amazon Free People dupe is actually a decent amount smaller than the original Free People bag.

The original bag measures about 17in x 14in with a 15in handle drop. The Amazon version says it’s close in size in the details but one reviewer said their bag measured more like 7in x 12in with an 8in handle drop so just be aware.

Other than sizing though, I think the bag is just as cute and roughly half the price. For me, it’s a dupe win!

this or that - hot shot onesie MF comparison image

Hot Shot Onesie

If you are a true Free People lover, then I know you are already aware that this onesie dupe exists.


Because these Free People onesies are so popular, Amazon actually has a lot of variations by different manufacturers. Of all the Amazon Free People dupes listed, the one I linked is the closest match I’ve found to the actual product. What makes it the best match?

First of all, the fabric is made mostly of cotton (98%) whereas other dupes are mainly polyester based. You’ll also find the signature FP “looseness” in fit is more authentic when you try this version on. On top of all that, you’ll see that it has the cut hem and knee darts just like the real deal.

Be aware though, that even though it is the best match, it might not be the best option for you. I would not suggest this one for shorter people, as the baggier style doesn’t always look right (on me personally). It doesn’t look bad, but the others fit me better.

Well that’s a wrap!

Trust me, there are quite a few more Free People dupe styles on Amazon. You just have to be willing to test them out to see if they are really worth the budget friendly price. The list I shared today are all items I think you’d enjoy adding to your wardrobe but that’s just my opinion. Be sure to share with us some of our dupe favorites and don’t forget to check out our Lululemon dupes post as well!

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