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TASTE TEST – The Best Nuts ‘N More Flavor

Maybe you saw them on Shark Tank or on the shelves at your local grocery store – but however you may or may not know about Nuts ‘N More nut butter flavors, I’m here to say, they are so. so. good. But what is the best Nuts ‘N More flavor? 

Nuts ‘N More actually has almost 20 different flavors to choose from currently on their website. And while I would love to taste them all, I settled on tasting six of the Nuts ‘N More nut butter flavors to start.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Nuts ‘N More brand, these nut butters are packed with protein and boast a lot of other healthy traits like:

  • Gluten free
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Non GMO

But how well did each Nuts ‘N More nut butter flavor rank? Take a look!

Best Nuts ‘N More Flavors – Least to Best

#6: Cocoa Hazelnut

Coming in last for these 6 Nuts ‘N More nut butter flavors is cocoa hazelnut. 

I was really hopeful that this one would have a similar taste to Nutella but unfortunately it does not. This flavor was also the only one of the six flavors I probably wouldn’t buy again. It was also the only flavor made from hazelnuts instead of peanuts. 

Honestly, it had a weird after taste that was similar to when you peel back that tin covering on a new container of Planters peanuts. It wasn’t a favorite for me. 

Flavor Score: 5/10

nuts n more cocoa hazelnut

#5: Toffee Crunch

The toffee crunch nut butter flavor was sweet and delicious!

II feel like a big question for me when I was tasting this flavor was, how does it compare to like a Heath bar kind of toffee flavor? I personally felt like it lacked and didn’t really match that particular flavor profile but it was still really, really good. I just wasn’t sure I would call it a toffee type of flavor.

Flavor Score: 6/10

nuts n more toffee crunch

#4: Cookie Dough

You can never go wrong with some cookie dough. Thankfully this nut butter flavor isn’t raw and so it can be enjoyed in bulk! 

This flavor didn’t rank higher for me because I feel like it was missing some chocolate chips or something else to make it more of a cookie dough flavor. But overall it was still really good and earned a high recommendation from me! 

Flavor score: 7/10

nuts n more cookie dough

#3: Dark Chocolate (65% Cacao)

The dark chocolate flavor surprised me the most! 

I’m not usually a big dark chocolate fan but this one was delicious. It tasted more like a milk chocolate to me so if that deters you, now you know. This flavor would be great swirled with any of the other nut butter flavors, like cookie dough, to add a little extra chocolate pop to it! 

Flavor Score: 8/10

nuts n more dark chocolate

#2: Salted Caramel

A little bit salty and totally sweet, the salted caramel nut butter flavor is so good. These nut butters are all be good at satiating that sweet tooth but this salted caramel flavor is extra helpful with that.

If you aren’t a birthday cake flavor fan, then I’d say you should grab the salted caramel flavor because it is the best Nuts ‘N More flavor for you (in my honest opinion of course)!

Flavor Score: 9/10

nuts n more salted caramel

#1: Birthday Cake

I probably have a palette of a 3 year old so bear that in mind, but the birthday cake flavor nut butter was my absolute favorite! A little bit like licking the cake batter from the bowl, who wouldn’t want some of that? Unlike a lot of birthday cake flavored protein bars, I thought this one got very close to tasting like the birthday cake flavor.

If things like birthday cake flavored ice cream aren’t your thing though, then steer clear of this flavor so the rest of us birthday cake lovers can enjoy 🙂 

Flavor Score: 10/10

nuts n more birthday cake

There you have it. The best Nuts ‘N More flavor (of the 6 flavors I tried) is birthday cake, followed closely by salted caramel. Ultimately though, all the flavors were pretty delicious so don’t be scared to try some other ones out!

You should go ahead and head over to their site to get yourself some snack packs or a full container. Either way you will not be disappointed! Also, if you are looking for some tasty recipes for your Nuts ‘N More nut butter, check out this protein shake concoction we made. Spoiler alert – it’s delicious.

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  1. Hello,

    Are you an ambassador or affiliate? Because I visited their site after reading your article, and saw they do have an ambassador/affiliate/collab program.

    Maybe you will do a part two taste test of some of their other flavors or products, and become a partner. Because I don’t believe I am the first person who visited the Nuts’N More site after reading your article.

    1. I am not currently an affiliate or ambassador but thank you for the suggestion! I will have to look into the new flavors and see if I can do another taste test!

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