Can You Really Mix Peanut Butter in a Blender Bottle?

When I stumbled upon this Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake recipe on BlenderBottle’s website I immediately had two thoughts. First of all, can you actually mix peanut butter in a blender bottle? I mean, I know the BlenderBottle shaker balls are pure magic when it comes to blending protein powder but how does that translate to peanut butter? And secondly, this recipe sounds so good, I’ve got to test this whole thing out for myself!

I figured the best way to actually test if you could really mix peanut butter in a blender bottle was to go ahead and make the recipe.

As you can see from the recipe, the ingredients list is pretty simple. All you need is:

  • 8 ounces of water (or milk)
  • a shaker bottle
  • a BlenderBottle shaker ball
  • your favorite nut butter
  • and some chocolate flavored protein powder
image of ingredients list

Once you have gathered your ingredients, the steps are super simple. Just be sure to add the ingredients in the right order for the best possible blend. 

How to Make a Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake

Step 1:

First, add 8 ounces of water or milk – whichever liquid you prefer. If you want a little bit creamier taste for the drink, adding your favorite type of milk will definitely do the trick. Milk also makes the end result a little bit frothier which is fun.

Step 2:

Next, add your scoop of protein. If you are looking for an extra good chocolate protein, I’ve been using the Double Rich Chocolate flavor from Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey protein for years now and still haven’t gotten tired of it. It’s legit the only protein flavor I buy and I probably drink a minimum of 3 shakes a week before a workout. So it is safe to say that this protein flavor is good. You can also buy it in smaller quantities if you don’t use protein powder as often.

Order Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard – Double Rich Chocolate flavor on Amazon.

Step 3:

Now add one tablespoon of your favorite nut butter. 

For me, you can’t go wrong with these Nuts ‘N More nut butter flavors. Nuts ‘N More has over 19+ flavors on their website currently but I recently sat down and taste tested six of the flavors. Spoiler alert – all the flavors were really good, but take a look at which Nuts ‘N More nut butter flavor ranked best!

Get your own Nuts ‘N More nut butter on Amazon.

And for those that don’t have regular peanut butter on hand, you can use PBfit or PB2 as a substitute. Not sure what the difference is? We wrote all about it on another post!

Step 4:

Last step is to be sure your BlenderBottle shaker ball is in your cup and then shake it until it’s a smooth consistency. Roughly 20-30 seconds of shaking should get your shake just right!

In need of a BlenderBottle replacement shaker ball? Grab one on their website.

Well, the results are in. To see if I could really mix peanut butter in a blender bottle, I tested the recipe with both water and milk for liquid. With both liquids, I found the result to be the same. The answer??

The answer is YES, you can in fact mix peanut butter in a blender bottle! Fascinating.

Not only is this recipe delicious but I also found that you can actually mix peanut butter in a blender bottle and have it successfully blend into the liquid. Try it out for yourself – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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