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New Tub of Protein? 4 Simple Ways to Get the Protein Scoop Out

If you’re here, then you have experienced the pain and frustration associated with a new tub of protein powder. You know that feeling right? That feeling when you open the protein powder, only to be met with a mass of powder and no scoop in sight. What the heck are you supposed to do? This post walks you through 4 ways you can easily get the protein scoop out and move on with your life!

Our Four Simple Methods:

1. Spoon It Out

A good standard approach to getting the protein scoop out is using a big kitchen spoon. Take the spoon and gently stab it into the powder, starting from the left to the right side of the container. At some point you should hit something hard. Once you figure out the general area, use the spoon to fish out the protein scoop and voilá.

For bigger protein powder containers, you may need an extra long spoon like the OXO Good Grips spoon.

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2. Shake It Out

The shake it out approach may sound silly but if you don’t have a spoon and you need to get your protein scoop out, just close the lid tightly and shake the container. While shaking the protein powder, be sure to flip the container completely upside down every so often to try and bring the protein powder scoop closer to the top.

Shaking the tub of protein powder is definitely not as quick of a method as using a spoon. But sometimes you have limited options (aka no spoons) and this technique may come in handy for you. 

3. Measure It Out

Protein powder scoops usually measure around roughly 1/3 cup of protein powder. If you are looking for a rough 1:1 ratio, grab a 1/3 measuring cup and go about your usual scooping business! 

If you are having to reach for a measuring cup instead of the protein scoop, this may be a good time to assess how much protein you actually need. One serving of a scoop of whey protein powder is roughly 30g of protein. That’s a lot of protein. Think about assessing how much daily protein you need and consider adjusting your serving size accordingly.

4. Buy Out of It

Consider ending your missing protein powder scoop woes and buying some new scoops online. Items like the Scoopie on Amazon are less than $10 for a 2 pack and bring you the satisfaction of knowing you will never have to worry about a buried protein powder scoop again! Plus, these handy scoops make it easy to take protein powder on the go and pour it into any type of water bottle. 

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Optional: Keep It Out

Lastly, if you currently have a container of protein powder I suggest you keep the scoop. When you open up the new container of protein powder and find that the new container’s scoop is nowhere to be found, you will have your old scoop handy and ready to dig in! 

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Let’s all hope that some unknown protein powder company out there have finally come up with a solution. Perhaps simply taping the scoop to the underside of the lid? Is that really asking too much from us the consumer? 


Ultimately we just want to be able to reach in to the tub of protein and get the protein scoop out without issue. Unfortunately this is not the world in which we currently live. Instead, I suggest using one of these techniques to finding the missing scoop. Hopefully one of these solutions will help you find your scoop, get your protein and get your moving on with the rest of your day!

If you’ve struggled with this scoop issue, then you have probably had blender bottle shaker balls get stuck together in the past also. In another post, we show you how to get the shaker balls apart in 10 seconds. Check it out! 

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