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Why is CrossFit Hated?

Oh CrossFit. If you don’t personally do it, then you probably have come across someone that does. So then if so many people are doing it, why is CrossFit hated by so many? Let’s break down all the major complaints against the sport and see what we all can find out!

Reasons Why CrossFit is Hated

1. It’s a High Risk of Injury

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. People believe CrossFit to be one of the most dangerous, if not THE most dangerous form of daily exercise. In fact, the conversations have come up so often that I myself (a crossfitter) took it to be truth. But as the years have gone by and my personal injuries have only consisted of some blistered hands or bruised shins, I began to wonder how accurate this statement was. 

Taking to Google, I researched the risk of injury associated with CrossFit compared to other sports or exercise. And you know what I discovered? Multiple studies have found that the amount of injuries related to CrossFit were similar if not less, then in other fitness activities. 

So then if that’s the case, why does CrossFit get such a bad rap? I’m not sure. But like with anything, I suggest getting out there and doing your own fact checking. You never know what you may find!

2. It’s a Cult-Like Culture

When any group of people get together to do something they all like to do, does that make it a cult? If so, CrossFit definitely fits the mold of having a cult-ish following. But couldn’t the same argument be said of running groups, Orange Theory go-ers or even yoga? 

Personally, if you find a form of fitness that you enjoy and that allows you to surround yourself with people who also enjoy it, I’m all for doing more of that. What I’m hearing is not that you joined a cult but that you found a space full of built-in accountability and friends.  

As all of the memes and jokes say, if someone is a crossfitter, you’ll know! I like to think this stems from people listening to crossfitters interact with each other. It’s common ground. Safe conversations. But hey, when we find something we like, we like to share it with the world am I right?

3. It’s Too Intense

Before I began CrossFit I thought the exact same thing. Honestly, the only reason I ever even tried CrossFit was because a friend said I could come for a week free trial and I never say no to a good deal.

But one thing I can guarantee for every single workout, is it’s what you make of it. Those days where you wake up in the morning feeling rested and ready to take on the world? Use that energy to go crazy on your workout. Having one of those days where just getting to the gym feels like a victory? That IS a victory! So move your body as best as you feel you can and celebrate that movement. Keep track of your wins and gains by keeping a journal or recording them on an app. It can be motivational to look back on your progress!

Just like any type of exercise, a CrossFit workout is what you make of it. So, for this particular answer to why is CrossFit hated, I think you can make the case that anything is too intense. I think marathon running is too intense but I still run (sometimes. ok a little bit. honestly just when I have no other options…). It’s really about the story you tell yourself.

4. It’s Only for Fit People

I feel this one for real. For starters, our personal definition’s of “fit” are all different. How I gauge someone who is fit is whether they are able to do a pull up or not. That feels like next level fit to me. Others may have a different definition of fit where you have to be a certain weight or have a lot of muscle mass, etc. 

Having only been a member at two different CrossFit gyms and only dropped in to a handful of others, I can’t speak to them all. But what I can say, is that the CrossFit gyms I have visited or belonged to have had classes that include all shapes, body types and ages. At one gym, by far the fittest individual there was a fifty year old woman. That’s amazing! That’s encouraging!

5. It’s Expensive

CrossFit is absolutely expensive. Which tends to upset people because it isn’t even one-on-one interaction with a coach like a personal trainer. But I’ve had a personal trainer and also done CrossFit. After doing both for multiple years, I can say without a doubt that I am more fit doing CrossFit than I ever was with a trainer. And while I had a great relationship with my trainer (she even came to our wedding!), I enjoy my time, the people and the workouts at CrossFit more. 

Let’s not forget, we all choose to spend our money differently too. So if you want to spend your money on a personal trainer, Orange Theory or CrossFit, you get to make that choice. Regardless of what you choose, any of those avenues are helping you to be a healthier version of you and that’s the awesome part. 

Ever been curious about CrossFit yourself? Why not check out the CrossFit gyms in your area and just see what it’s all about? It’s free to ask questions. 

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    1. I’m pretty sure CrossFit didn’t “produce” her but I agree it has certainly been apart of her political agenda over the years. Plenty of people I don’t agree with eat at the same places as me or like the same movies as I do though. So for me, finding out that someone I don’t like has a shared interest, doesn’t stop me from enjoying those things. But to each their own!

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