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What is drink basis?

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I know, I know. You might be sitting there thinking, do you really need to try another hydration mix? What is drink basis and what makes this one so different? But trust me when I say you should give the basis Clean Hydration Mix a serious try and I’ll get to all the reasons why in just a second. 

So without further ado, let’s break it all down shall we?

What is drink basis?

Had an extra hard workout or find yourself stuck out in the heat of the summer? Hydration is an important way to keep you, your body and your brain healthy. Basis is a hydration mix you put in water to help you get the electrolytes you need, for whatever the reason. Currently, there are four hydration mix flavors:

  • Blackberry lemon
  • Grapefruit melon
  • Cran raspberry
  • Lemon lim

How is basis different?

What really sets basis hydration mix apart is the fact that they dominate the amount of electrolytes found in their hydration mix. When comparing the electrolyte levels of other hydration mixes, basis wins in this category. As of now, basis hydration mix contains 1,000 mg of electrolytes, while others don’t surpass 875 mg. You’ll also find a lower caloric value in each packet of basis versus the competition. 

Another added perk of basis is that they use Monk Fruit to sweeten their product. Other competitors in the space like Liquid I.V. tend to use Stevia. Some people are allergic to Stevia or experience stomach issues like gas or bloating when ingesting it. Monk Fruit on the other hand doesn’t have any know side effects. 

Take a look at the detailed nutrition information below:

Basis hydration mix nutrition information

Where to find it?

Grab yourself 15 sticks of basis Clean Hydration Mix variety pack so that you can get a taste for all three flavors. Conveniently available on Amazon for easy delivery for those wondering what is drink basis!

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