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RXBAR vs Larabar – Which is Healthier?

It’s another battle of the brands. This time, we’re taking a look at RXBAR vs Larabar to see what the real differences are between the two. Is one bar healthier than the other? Is one bar a better snack for energy? You may have lots of questions, so read on to see how we break down all the different scenarios on today’s blog!

What’s Your Definition of Healthy?

Before we dive in and compare RXBAR vs Larabar, it’s important to get on the same page about the definition of healthy. When you talk about something being healthy…what does that mean to you? Does that mean it is made with real food? Or a low calorie count?

From time to time, the answer to these questions changes, depending on our goals. For instance, if my goal is to be healthier, I’m usually looking to consume less processed foods in my diet. But if I want to lose weight, then more times than not I will be looking for things that fill me up or have lower caloric value.

As you look through the comparisons of RXBAR vs Larabar, keep in mind what you’re looking for in a protein or snack bar.

RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt flavor

RXBAR – the History

The RXBAR came to life when, in 2013, two friends decided to attempt something that hadn’t been done before.  The goal: create a protein bar with REAL ingredients. In four years time, the company grew and ultimately was bought up by Kellogg’s in 2017. Since it’s start, the products have expanded to include nut butters, cereal and even kid’s snacks.

RXBAR Pros & Cons

What makes RXBARs unique is the fact that they are a high protein bar that is only made with real ingredients. If you’ve ever read the ingredients list of other protein bars, you’ve come across a list that is mostly full of things that are hard to pronounce. High protein is a big difference between RXBAR vs Larabar because most all natural ingredient bars, still lack the high protein amount.

Not only do RXBARs have high protein, they have higher volumes of fiber as well. Fiber is an important part of our digestion process and something most Americans consume too little of. By helping slow down the digestion process, it also impacts the rate our body processes sugar. The slower rate of processing that sugar, helps to avoid that sugar crash.

The main issue people have with RXBARs is the high amounts of natural sugars found in each bar. One thing to keep in mind though, is the sugars found in RXBARs are natural.  Because the sugar is found from dates, you know you’re not just getting sugar. You’re getting the added nutrients like potassium and iron that comes from dates. No one is saying you should eat a ton of them but if you’re in need of a quick, filling snack RXBARs aren’t a bad choice.

Nutritional Breakdown of an RXBAR

The best selling flavor for RXBAR is their Chocolate Sea Salt and if you’ve ever tried it, then you know why.

RXBAR does an amazing job of being transparent about what ingredients go into each protein bar. You can find the simple list of ingredients on the front AND back of each individual bar. No secrets from this brand.

Larabar apple pie bar

Larabar – the History

Lara, the brains behind Larabar, was on a hike when she came up with the idea to create snacks made from simple ingredients. Since the start in 2000, the company has grown from four original flavors to thirty different flavors. Larabar was also acquired by General Mills in 2008.

Larabar Pros & Cons:

Similar to RXBAR, the mission over at Larabar is to make tasty snacks, without using any artificial ingredients. One thing that sets Larabar’s apart is that they offer vegan options. Because the bars don’t get their protein from egg whites, this opens up a snacking opportunity for vegan folks too!

But just like the RXBAR, you’ve got to be mindful of the high amounts of sugar found in Larabars. Larabars probably aren’t going to be as filling as RXBARs either because they are lower in protein.

Nutritional Breakdown of a Larabar

Nutrition is where you will see the main difference between RXBAR vs Larabar. A Larabar is full of natural sugar like an RXBAR. But what a Larabar lacks is a solid amount of protein. I definitely wouldn’t call a Larabar a protein bar due to the limited amount of protein in each bar. But they still make for a tasty, natural snack when you need it.

Larabar - lemon bar flavor nutrition facts

Which is the Best?

As usual, what makes something the best depends on the individual. 

If your diet tends to need more protein, grab an RXBAR. If there is a certain flavor of Larabar that catches your attention, grab that one. Are you a vegan? Then you’ll want to grab a Larabar.

Where to Buy an RXBAR or Larabar?

Like most things these days, you can get an RXBAR or Larabar sent straight to your door from Amazon. Variety packs are available for both brands, allowing you to explore some of the most popular flavors!

RXBAR Variety Pack (12 bars)

RXBAR variety pack

LARABAR Variety Pack (12 bars)

Larabar variety pack

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