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How to Machine Wash Your Gym Bag

Some of us stick to a consistent schedule when it comes to laundry. Bed sheets, towels and clothes go into some sort of rotation throughout the weeks. But can you recall the last time you cleaned your gym bag? Well never fear because here are five quick steps you can take to machine wash your gym bag.

For those with gym bags that are not machine washable, be sure to read about how to wash your gym bag at the end of the post. 

5 Steps to Machine Wash Your Gym Bag

1. Clean It Out

Just like pants or shorts pockets, you want to first start by checking every pocket, nook and crevice in your gym bag for any stray items. Washing something with a pen or a tissue in it can ruin the rest of the load of laundry. Be sure to check the bottom of the gym bag for a panel insert that helps the bag to keep its structure. Any inserts you remove from the bag can be wiped down with a soapy rag and then rinsed with a new, clean rag dipped in water. 

2. Turn It Inside Out

Turn the gym bag inside out to ensure that the inside of the bag gets the most clean. 

3. Remove Any Straps or Tie Them Up

If your bag has removable straps, go ahead and take those off. If you can’t remove the straps, make a knot with the straps so the bag doesn’t get tangled up.

4. Wash It on Delicate Cycle

Throw the gym bag in the washing machine, along with similar colored towels or sheets. The towels help protect the inside of the machine from any chunky parts on your gym bag that may beat against the inside of the drum. Wash the bag on cold and use a delicate cycle if you have one, just to be safe.

For extra smelly gym bags consider putting a 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the wash, along with your regular amount of detergent for the load. White vinegar has odor fighting power that should help eliminate any extra funk. 

5. Hang Dry

Once your load finishes in the washing machine, take out your gym bag and untie the straps (if they were attached).

Hang the gym bag to dry and you’re done!

What If Your Bag Can’t Go in the Washing Machine?

If you find yourself with a gym bag that isn’t machine washable, don’t worry. Hand washing a bag may take longer but it is still effective. Pour Dr. Bronner’s or your favorite soap into a bowl with warm water. Dip a rag or towel into the diluted mixture and wipe the interior and exterior of your bag with the damp cloth. Once you finishing cleaning it with soap, be sure to take another clean rag and water to clean off the residue. 

For extra tough smells, a can of Lysol spray goes a long way. Lysol eliminates odors but more importantly, it removes unwanted bacteria lurking in and around the bag.

Gym Bag Hand-Washing Cleaning Supplies:

Best of luck on your gym bag cleaning! If you are looking for other gym bag related posts, take a look at our list of the best gym shower shoes in another post.

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