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Can You Wear a Sports Bra Every Day?

Whether you’re a little more flat chested or lean towards the fuller side, the last thing you want to do is anything to harm your chest. Athlesiure has already become a big fashion trend. With quarantine keeping us home and businesses migrating towards a remote work policy, the possibilities of staying in workout clothes all day may become more of a thing. But the question is, can you wear a sports bra every day?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of wearing a sports bra along with any concerns you may need to have when wearing one every day. At the end of this post, be sure to check out our round up of the best sports bra options for every level of support. 

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra Every Day

#1: Extra Support

Support is a huge benefit and not just for those with larger busts. Whether you’re running because of a workout or because you’re chasing a toddler on the playground, having support matters. What’s nice too is you can choose your level of support with all the different support options for sports bras. 

#2: They Actually Fit

Finding a bra that actually fits properly can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Knowing that with a sports bra you can actually get a comfortable fit is worth it at times.

You also save yourself the headache of not having to fidget with the straps getting twisted or stretched during the day. That alone makes me want to wear a sports bra every day!

#3: Forget About the Sweat

Anybody else get boob sweat? Sports bras are great for trapping the sweat and not causing it to bleed onto your shirt. If I know I’m going to be sweating (humidity in the summer is real) but also have to dress nicely, I sometimes consider wearing a sports bra to hide the boob sweat. 

#4: Easier to Wash & Maintain

If you have ever had to buy a bra, you know that those things are expensive. The last thing you want to do is have your bra get twisted up in the laundry and rip the underwire right out of the cup. Especially if you have been lucky enough to find a bra that fits, you don’t want to damage it. Sports bras take away the stress of a laundry mishap.

#5: Comfort on All Levels

Sitting with your back against a car seat for hours during a long road trip, doesn’t have to be miserable. Bra hooks digging into your skin is never ideal. If you can plan ahead, consider wearing a sports bra when you know you’ll be sitting for long amounts of time. 

Potential Downside of Wearing Sports Bras

Be Aware of the Uni-Boob

Certain sports bras compress the chest together so tightly that it forms a uni-boob situation. Fortunately, there are a ton of style and fit options nowadays to combat the uni-boob. If you prefer wearing a sports bra every day, a light or medium support style sports bra would be ideal. The light or medium support allows you to be comfortable and stylish without too much compression.

Can Wearing a Sports Bra Cause Cancer?

It is important to note that there has be no research or evidence that supports the idea that wearing a sports bra every day may cause cancer. According to the National Center for Health Research, the idea that bras were causing cancer stemmed from a book published back in 1995 that claimed restricting lymph nodes could cause a build up of toxins in the breasts. Thankfully, sports bras and all bras are considered safe to wear every day!

While you’re here, we went ahead and curated a list of the best rated sports bras currently on Amazon!

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