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Get Ready to Sweat – Best 2000s Workout Songs

Way back when I had the BEST playlist on my iPod. I couldn’t wait for road trips so I could fully enjoy the amazingness of each song that played. Each song would bring up a fresh memory of good times with friends or family. Not to mention, it made me want to dance! But alas. What was probably my best 2000s workout songs playlist of all time has since been lost to the grips of technology.

If only I was a little bit more tech savvy during the transition from iPods to iPhones, maybe I wouldn’t have lost all the music. Slowly but surely though, I’ve been working on creating what I feel is the best compilation of songs to get you through any workout. If you’re into songs from the 2000s, this one is for you.

A Few Spotify Playlists

For me, I find that Spotify (the free or Premium version) is the easiest spot to listen to music or podcasts. Plus, Spotify has an endless amount of playlists to choose from. But sometimes, too many choices can feel overwhelming. So I dug through their best 2000s workout songs playlists and found what I feel like to be the best of the best selections, by category.

#1: Top 100 Hits from the 2000s

Were you a lover of MTV And all things pop hits? This playlist focuses on all the best hits from the 2000s. It has a nice variety of punk rock to club vibe songs. It’s worth a listen if nothing else to help you reminisce.

#2: Rock Songs You’ll Love

In the 2000s, were you a closet rock lover like me or full on mosh pit loving rock enthusiast? While I never got too much into rock, I will say a lot of the songs on this list still make me want to dance around the room. And if you’ve ever danced and run around your room as a kid, you know it can work up quite the sweat!

Between Blink 182, Kings of Leon and everything in-between, there are plenty of songs to get you up and motivated for your next workout.

#3: Reconnect with Your Inner Teenage Self

Fergie, Gwen Stefani and Ashlee Simpson? Listen. This is the MEGA 2000s playlists for cute, fun music from our favorite lady singers of the decade. Look no further for the best 2000s workout songs that will keep you singing along while you make it through your next workout.

After you get your sweat on, remember to stay hydrated with a Liquid I.V. or Hydrant electrolyte boost. Both powders are known for helping you keep dehydration at bay.

#4: When You Like a Little Bit of Everything

Lastly, if you’re like me then you like a little music from every genre. Even when I was looking for the best 2000s workout songs, I felt like each playlist was grouped by genre. So I decided to create a playlist that combines all the best 2000s songs from Hip Hop and R&B to Rock to Pop Hits music.

I may be partial to my own playlist but if you put this thing on shuffle, I think you’ll be happy with the results.

Did we forget to include your favorite song or band from the 2000s? Let us know what we are missing and we might even add it to our current best 2000s workout songs playlist!

I hope this helps you get motivated during your next workout and let us know if you’d like more playlist suggestions in the future. 

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