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Get Killer Abs with Terra Core Fitness

Maybe you saw them on Shark Tank or from someone you follow on Instagram. Regardless of how you may have heard of them, Terra Core Fitness is taking the health and fitness industry by storm. Not only do they offer two great all-in-one home gym equipment options, Terra Core also has on demand classes!

Not sure if you’re ready to add this versatile piece of equipment to your home gym lifestyle? We’ve worked to create a comprehensive guide to all Terra Core fitness questions you may have. So by the end of the guide? Who knows. Maybe you end up a Terra Core fan like us. 

What is Terra Core Fitness?

Back in 2017, Terra Core fitness was started by a guru in the fitness industry, Greg Nigro. Terra Core fitness is a company that currently has two different all-in-one home gym tools for sale – the Terra Core and Terra Glide.

If you are familiar with a Bosu ball then you know what it’s like to use a balance trainer. Both of the Terra Core products take the basics of a balance trainer and add a unique element to engage a variety of muscles.

Terra Core vs Terra Glide

Terra Core is the original all-in-one home gym tool that the company first introduced back in 2017. 

Then in September 2020, Terra Core fitness launched a kickstarter to raise money for the Terra Glide. You’ll notice that the newer model is significantly more compact than the original and has retractable wheels. The optional wheels give you the ability to turn it into an ab roller aka the worst ab workout on the face of the earth 😂.

Both models do have a lot in common, such as handles on each of its sides and grooves on the bottom for gripping resistance bands better. But what makes each one unique? Let’s take a look.

Terra Core photo
Image by Terra Core Fitness

Perks of the Terra Core

When it comes to perks, first and foremost the Terra Core is larger, almost double in length at roughly 4 feet long. While both options could be used as a weight bench, it’s probably most ideal to use the Terra Core.

The larger size not only gives you more space for jumping but for more complex ab movements and more. Don’t take it’s larger weight as a negative either. By weighing more, you can use the base of the Terra Core as a dumbbell or kettlebell of sorts.

Currently, the original Terra Core also comes with a 14 day free trial of their large on demand library of workouts. So if you’re curious if you’d actually use their suggested workouts, it’s a great opportunity to test the waters. 

Taking a look underneath the piece of equipment itself, the Terra Core offers two handles on the short side as well as two handles on the longer side. Ever tried to do a push up or plank on a balance trainer? Oof. Talk about adding a new level of difficulty to a workout!

Image by Terra Core Fitness

Perks of the Terra Glide

Think of the Terra Glide as the Terra Core’s smaller but more versatile option. Taking a look at the specs, the Terra Glide weighs almost 10 pounds less at 19 pounds. It’s also a significant amount smaller in size at almost 1/2 the length (2 feet vs 4 feet). Since it’s smaller and more compact, the Terra Glide also has a handle that pops out for an easy carry from point A to B.

Terra Glide’s biggest feature is the fact that it rolls. If you’ve ever tried an ab roller then you know it makes for a serious ab workout. These wheels pop in (retractable) though, so you have the flexibility to use it on a flatter, more stable surface.

On the bottom of this piece of equipment, there are two handles and then two handles on the longer side that pop out as needed. But basically the main perks here are the wheels and the fact that it is so compact, you could easily store it under your bed.

What is Terra Core on Demand?

Terra Core on demand is a large library of workout classes that you can access at any time. Because the Terra Core is such a unique piece of equipment, the on demand classes are valuable in that they teach you the different ways you can use it.

Did you know they also have workouts catered towards first, second and third trimester pregnancies? In person, trainer led workouts specific to pregnancy are sometimes hard to come by. Terra Core on demand brings it straight home to you!

Is the Terra Core Worth It?

You can do over 300 different movements with Terra Core products. The amount of different movements the Terra Core or Terra Glide offer for the price, makes either of the products completely worth the purchase.

For those living in small square footage, you may see the immediate benefits of Terra Core fitness. By being able to limit your home gym to one piece of equipment that could be stored under a raised bed, is a huge advantage when space is limited.

If money is tight, buying a Terra Core costs less than $24 a month for only one year. That’s a lot less than some gym memberships out there and after a year is up, you’re not stuck trying to cancel a membership.

Not to mention, by adding balance to normal body weight movements, you pile on a whole new level of difficulty!

How Heavy is the Terra Core?

The Terra Core weighs 28 pounds and is almost 4 feet long at 47” x 18” x 6.75”. While the Terra Core has a maximum weight limit of 4,500 lbs., the company recommends no more than 1,000 lbs. on the product at a time to ensure longevity.

Bands with Terra Core
Image by Terra Core Fitness

Sample Terra Core Workouts

Before you jump in to anything, you probably want to see how you would use any of these products during a daily workout. Take a look at these three example workouts, to get a glimpse into some great workouts that will get you sweating. 

Workout #1: a full body circuit

3 rounds for total reps:

1:00 Max push ups

1:00 Max sit ups

1:00 Max squats (standing on Terra Core (TC) or Terra Glide (TG))

1:00 Max bent over rows (using the TC or TG)

1:00 Max toe taps

1:00 Rest

Workout #2: big booty burner

3 rounds for time:

10 deadlifts (using the TC or TG)

8 reverse lunges (8 each leg)

10 jump squats (all carefully on top of the TC or by straddling it and jumping on, squatting, and jumping off.)

10 thrusters (using the TC or TG)

12 hip thrusts while kneeling on the TC or TG

20 kickbacks (20 each leg)

Workout #3: abs on abs

2 rounds of:

25 mountain climbers (25 each leg)

25 russian twists (sitting on the TC or TG)

20 shoulder taps (20 total)

10 leg lifts

10 spider kicks

:30 sec boat pose

1:00 plank

Well, there you have it. If you didn’t know, now you know that Terra Core fitness has a ton to offer in the home gym equipment space. Still not convinced? I highly recommend watching some of the company’s videos on their YouTube channel. In some of the ab workouts, I noticed how much even the trainers were struggling. These pieces of equipment are no joke and have the potential to mix up your at home workout game immediately. 

Looking for more ways to get those abs strong for the summer? Head on over to our post about the infamous Alexis Ren ab workout! Let us know what you think of Terra Core in the comments and if you have any other questions for us! 

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