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What’s the Best GHOST Protein Flavor?

When GHOST® lifestyle came on to the sports nutrition and supplements scene, they introduced us to flavor combinations never before seen. Now the question really becomes, what’s the best GHOST protein flavor?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help answer all those GHOST protein flavor questions. Because let’s be honest. For a pricier protein powder, you want to try and be as sure as possible that you will like it first. While all taste buds are NOT the same, please know that we did our best to provide an accurate response. We took our own personal taste buds and also dived extensively into the web to come up with the best GHOST protein flavor answers below!

What is GHOST?

Once you see the GHOST brand, it’s probably one you wont’ forget. Since it’s launch in 2016, GHOST has been making supplements and other products in the sports nutrition space. What makes them different is how GHOST has managed to put a lifestyle movement twist to the usual pre-workout and protein powder companies. Their brand has won countless awards and it seems like they are just getting started. 

What’s extra cool about GHOST is their resolve to fully disclose each protein powder’s breakdown. This means there’s no guessing when it comes to the ratio of whey protein isolate to whey protein concentrate to hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.

Best GHOST Protein Flavor – By Category

Ghost Whey protein Chips Ahoy flavor

Best Overall Flavor: Chips Ahoy!®

I don’t think there has ever been a harder winner to choose as the reviews for every flavor are pretty polarizing. But GHOST’s Chips Ahoy! whey protein is an absolute crowd favorite. Again with the honesty, GHOST says it themselves that nothing beats the real thing. But they tried their best to match up the flavor profile to real Chips Ahoy!.

Each tub includes real Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces and the taste is like if you were to take a Chips Ahoy! cookie and dunk it into milk. I personally like it because it’s a nice change from the standard vanilla or chocolate protein powders you get from other brands.

Find the GHOST x Chips Ahoy! whey protein online or at your local GNC. Or if you need it in a rush, grab it on Amazon with the button below!

Ghost fruity cereal milk whey protein
GHOST Vegan chocolate cereal milk whey protein

Best of the Cereal Milk Flavors – Fruity Cereal Milk® & Vegan Chocolate Cereal Milk®

The battle of the GHOST cereal milk flavors was too tough so we not only gave them their own category, we broke down and chose two. In fairness to us, there are a ton of GHOST cereal milk flavors these days. So when we attempted to find the best GHOST protein flavor we knew this category would give us some trouble.

All that being said, GHOST’s Fruity Cereal Milk (aka the flavored milk at the bottom of a bowl of Trix or Fruity Pebbles) won out for the whey protein flavor. With this flavor, you need to expect that extreme “unnatural” fruity sugar flavor that is associated with sugary cereal. Some people find that taste offensive but as far as accuracy goes, GHOST nailed it.

With the vegan Chocolate Cereal Milk, you’ll find similar vibes but obviously instead of fruity milk, you get chocolate milk. To me there is nothing better than the end of a Cocoa Puffs (NOT to be confused with Cocoa Pebbles) bowl of cereal.

Best Collab Flavor – Nutter Butter®

If you’re a peanut butter fan, look no further. With every scoop, you’re getting 26G of protein and lots of real Nutter Butter cookie pieces. It’s a little odd at first because it’s not a cookie I usually associate with dipping in milk. But once you embrace the flavor for what it is (peanut butter cookies as a protein powder!) I think you will fall in love.

Like other GHOST flavors, they can usually be found at GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe stores. Or get you some on Amazon with just a few clicks, using the button below!

Best Vegan Flavor – Banana Pancake Batter

Protein pancakes are where it’s at and now you don’t even have to make the pancakes to get the flavor profile! GHOST’s Banana Pancake Batter vegan protein flavor is so good. And who doesn’t want to be able to lick (or drink) the batter? 

GHOST’s vegan proteins are made from pea protein, organic pumpkin protein and watermelon seed protein. Even if you aren’t vegan, this non-dairy option can be a good option if normal protein powders tend to give you a little stomach trouble.

GHOST whey protein frosted sugar cookie

The Flavor to Stay Away From – Frosted Sugar Cookie

It’s a seasonal flavor but the dislike is real with this GHOST flavor. Frosted Sugar Cookie has become such a disliked flavor that it’s almost become a game to describe how bad it is in reviews. I wasn’t able to personally try this flavor but the constant bad reviews made me happy that I didn’t get the chance. Thankfully this flavor was just a seasonal product, so you should be safe from this one.

Since this one is sold out, it looks like Bowmar Nutrition has a frosted cookie flavor if you’re really feeling a craving for it. 

That’s a wrap for this review of the best GHOST protein flavor. I’m sure some of you out there might disagree with the rankings but we did our best to give you a fair result.

If you’re looking for more supplement info, be sure to check out our post about Beam’s dream powder and how it changed our lives (or just how well we sleep).

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