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6 Best Liquid Collagen Water Options & More!

Taking care of our bodies includes our skin. When it comes to collagen, it’s been proven that our bodies digest more in a liquid format than in a powder form. To make our lives even easier, some companies have begun offering liquid collagen water so you don’t even have to mix it. Or maybe you just don’t love the chalky texture that some collagen powders bring. Well, you’re in luck!

There are a lot of liquid collagen water products out now. We curated a list of the best liquid collagen water items out currently, to help you in your search. Read on to find out more about each water from our list (that is in no particular order)!

11 Best Liquid Collagen Water Options

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, acting as the building blocks for many of our body’s structures. It’s often referred to as the body’s ‘scaffolding,’ providing strength and structure to our skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, and more. Collagen is essentially what helps keep our skin elastic and youthful, our joints strong and flexible, and our hair and nails healthy.

As we age, our natural collagen production decreases, which can lead to signs of aging such as wrinkles, joint pain, and weakened hair and nails. That’s why collagen supplements have gained popularity, as they’re believed to help counteract these effects. However, it’s important to remember that lifestyle factors, including a balanced diet and sun protection, are also crucial for maintaining collagen levels.

Vital Proteins Collagen water

1. Vital Proteins Collagen Water

When I think of collagen, the brand that comes to mind for me is Vital Proteins. The company has been offering collagen based products since 2013 and offers a wide variety of ways you can enjoy it. As for their grab-and-go collagen water, the product launched in 2019 to offer an even more convenient way to consume collagen.

This brand comes in a ton of flavors:

  • Strawberry and lemon
  • Blueberry mint
  • Original hint of lemon
  • Lemon ginger
  • Blackberry hibiscus
  • Peach white tea

Each 12 fl. oz. bottle is filled with 10g bovine collagen and has 3g sugar or less (depending on the flavor). According to online reviews, the water taste is very similar to the powder form. While reviewers say neither are the best when it comes to flavor, they continue to buy it because it is already conveniently mixed.

JEN | Collagen + Aloe Vera Infused Water

2. JEN | Collagen + Aloe Vera Infused Water

The big difference with Jèn Collagen + Aloe Vera Infused water is the type of collagen used. Instead of using bovine collagen, Jèn collagen water uses marine collagen. Marine collagen is a type 1 collagen made from fish scales. It’s smaller than typical bovine collagen so therefore easier for the body to absorb.

The flavors look pretty good too:

  • Peach and plum
  • Apple and lychee
  • Blood orange and lemon

Some of the online reviews say that taste is much better with this one but there is also more sugar than some other liquid collagen waters with 12g of sugar per serving. The aloe vera used is also from the leaf and not from a powder format.

VOSS+ Water With Collagen & Electrolytes

3. VOSS+ Water With Collagen & Electrolytes

When I think of fancy water, I think of Voss. So it was no surprise to me that they offer a variety of waters with added supplements. The Voss+ water with collagen and electrolytes comes in one berry essence flavor.

It’s definitely the priciest liquid collagen water on this list but people seem to like this collagen version of the VOSS+ over the other options. Part of the reason for the higher price may be because each bottle is BPA-free 100% Recycled PET plastic with food grade recyclable cap. Talk about sustainability!

SkinTe® Tē Trio Collagen Drink

4. SkinTe® Tē Trio Collagen Sparkling Drink

Not a liquid collagen water but still making the list is the SkinTe collagen sparkling drink. One can is packed with 3000mg of collagen or 3g for comparison to other liquid collagen water brands. Based on the reviews, it sounds like people can’t get enough of these! If you like the subtle taste that you get with a seltzer water, it sounds like you can expect to like these too. Two of the three flavors include 30mg caffeine, so you could even consider replacing your morning coffee with a can of this!

Circle Sparkling Collagen Water

5. Circle Sparkling Collagen Water

Some of you out there love a good sparkling water and I’m right there with you. Doesn’t matter the brand, if it’s got bubbles in it I’ll take it. So I’m extra excited to see there is a sparkling water option with added collagen! Circle sparkling collagen water currently offers four flavors:

  • Vanilla pear
  • Lemon mint
  • Raspberry hibiscus
  • Watermelon thyme

Each can is filled with 20g of bovine collagen (2x the amount of the other liquid collagen waters on this list) and 3g or less of sugar. Another added benefit of this drink is the amount of protein packed into every can. You could use this as a pre or post workout drink too! Can you tell we are fans of this one?

Bolt 24 Restore + Collagen, Advanced Electrolyte Drink

6. Bolt24

Bolt24, a sub brand of Gatorade, now offers a liquid collagen water with 10g of collagen. The collagen water comes in two flavors, peach mango and apple pear and is a more affordable option than most. Bolt24 collagen water makes for a great non dairy or whey protein option too. The taste isn’t great from what the reviewers say. But if you need to pack in the protein and want the added collagen, this is a good option to consume one less beverage a day.

Quick on-the-go Collagen Options

Pink Stork Collagen Stick Packs

7. Pink Stork Collagen Stick Packs

Pink Stork’s collagen sticks are perfect to keep in your gym bag, purse or grab on your way out the door. The powdered collagen sticks are nice because you can put the unflavored 10g of bovine collagen in whatever drink you choose. The possibilities are endless!

Zhou collage peptides water enhancer

8. Zhou Collagen Peptides Water Enhancer

Zhou has a large line of health products, including collagen based products like this Glowfluence water enhancer. Again, this little bottle is convenient to take with you and squirt into a glass or bottle of water when you’re ready for it. With no added sugar, two squeezes of this collagen water enhancer gets you 520mg of bovine collagen.

HUM Collagen Pop Marine Collagen Drink with Vitamin C

9. HUM Nutrition Collagen Pop Supplement

If you’re not into the powder or liquid form, try out Hum’s collagen tablets! Just like the Jèn liquid collagen water, HUM also uses marine collagen in each collagen tablet. Each tablet holds 500mg of marine collagen which the body finds easier to absorb. Reviewers rave about the strawberry lemon flavor but mention that the tablets don’t always fully dissolve. The convenience of keeping this tube of tablets at your desk or in your bag is a nice option too!

COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost

10. The Beauty Chef COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost

The Collagen Inner Beauty Boost by the Beauty Chef introduces another collagen angle. This formula includes lots of probiotics, to give you a gut healthy stomach inside which is thought to promote collagen production. While it does not actually have collagen in it, this option may provide a natural way to boost your body’s collagen production. Whether you mix it with water or in a smoothie, reviewers say the taste is great.

applied nutrition liquid collagen tubes

11. applied nutrition Liquid Collagen Liquid-Tubes

Applied nutrition’s liquid collagen tubes are full of skin revitalizing supplements. In each liquid tube you will find:

  • 4,000mg of collagen
  • 2,000mcg of biotin
  • 6,000mcg of silica

The suggested serving size is one tube a day, which only has 1g of sugar.

There are some great liquid collagen water options out there, it just depends on what exactly you’re looking for in your water. You may even consider some of the collagen supplements at the end of this list to add to your electrolyte water. We even visit topics like Hydrant vs Liquid I.V to help you choose which is best for you. Let us know what we should cover next!

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