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Is carbonated water good for you?

For those of us that can’t take drinking eight glasses (or more) of just plain regular tap water a day, we may be curious of something. Is carbonated water actually good for you? As a fan of sparkling water, or carbonated water of any sort, you may have also wondered if carbonated water actually even hydrates you? If so, it could be a serious game changer in regards to water intake. These questions sent me down the research rabbit hole once again to investigate whether the benefits of still vs carbonated water were the same when it comes to water hydration and overall health.

You know what I found? 

Researchers and doctors alike have found that hydration from still or carbonated water are the same. What good news! Additionally be sure your carbonated water is in fact good for you by checking the labels and looking for any artificial sugars.

Take a look at some of my fave go-to carbonated water recipes I use to help me reach my daily water hydration goals.

Ways to change up your every day water

Because carbonated water is good for you, think of carbonated water as the base to a world of fun, new natural flavors you can explore! You don’t need to add sugar to any of these sparkling water recipes in order to make them tasty. Let us know what your favorite way to enjoy some carbonated water is in the comments! 

Topo Chico + CHERRY MIO

Just because I’m too old to be on TikTok, doesn’t mean I can’t be in the know about some of the cool things going on there.

For instance when I heard about water you could magically turn into Dr. Pepper, I almost tripped over my feet running to the store to get supplies to try it. Once a soda fan, always a soda fan, even if I don’t drink it much these days.

My honest review of Topo Chico with Black Cherry Mio is that it 100% tastes like Diet Dr. Pepper. Which still feels like a win in my book. Black Cherry Mio is also packed with some caffeine so be mindful of that when you go to make some. 

The recipe:

As a warning, the water will rise up and fizz when you squeeze in the Mio, so it’s best to squeeze it into the bottle over a sink. 

topo chico mineral water


I feel like real lemonade needs to be distinguished from the sugary kind we’re all used to because it’s more heavy on the lemon, than the lemonade. 

When I’m trying to be extra good about my water intake, making large batches of flavored water is a great way to motivate me to keep drinking. For one, if I go ahead and make a pitcher of sparkling lemonade, I don’t have to keep making a new glass each time. That’s effort I’d rather not take for multiple glasses a day. 

The recipe:

  • 6 cups of your favorite carbonated water
  • 1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice (that’s about 6-8 lemons)

Another alternative is to make it all in a fruit infusion pitcher so you can save some time by cutting the lemon and throwing it directly in the middle of the pitcher and call it a day! 

pitcher of water with lemon


For a little refreshing twist, try out this carbonated water concoction! Whether you are entertaining, trying to beat the heat or just tired of the same old plain tap water, this water is a tasty alternative you should try. 

The recipe:

  • 2 cups strawberries, quartered
  • juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • a handful of basil, roughly chopped
  • fill it up with ice and your favorite carbonated water
bottle of water being poured into a glass

More water questions & advice:

Does sparkling water harm your teeth?

Acidity levels is the main concern when worrying about whether something is harmful to your teeth. While sparkling water beverages do have higher acidity levels than regular water, the levels are still significantly lower than soda.

If you are concerned about the pH levels of a certain carbonated water, take a look on their brand’s website to learn more and compare to soda pH levels. 

How the heck do you pronounce La Croix?

Listen. I have stayed in the dark too long and while Google is a search engine that has always been readily at my finger tips, I have never thought to use it to answer this constant water debate. Is it “la kwah” or “la krah,” or “la croy”?

Well I am happy to be the one to share the news with you! Drum roll please…

… it is pronounced “La Croy”, as stated in the FAQ section of the official La Croix website. 

Can you eat it the fruit afterward?

I highly recommend you eat the fruit! It produces less waste and adds a little something to munch on while you drink your fancy water beverage. Try to eat the fruit before 7-10 days of it sitting in your pitcher. 

Make it fun!

If you’re like me, the struggle is real when it comes to getting the right amount of water consumed every day. So I suggest trying to make it fun, any way you can, in order to give you a little extra boost throughout the day.

How do I suggest doing that? Invest in your own, in home carbonated water maker! When you make your own fizz, then you’re in biz (business ha). But really, when I make my own water, I feel like I’m more inclined to drink it because not only did it cost me money but time too!

Hydration is an important piece of a healthy lifestyle and it’s something I struggle with daily. How does someone expect me to consume 8+ glasses of water per day, my morning coffee and not to mention any other drinks I may have throughout the day i.e. a smoothie, protein shake, etc.??

The fact that carbonated water can in fact hydrate you the same as still water is extra exciting because it opens up the possibilities of more fun, enticing water beverages to make up those 8+ glasses a day. If you are new to the world of sparkling water or just curious about what the difference is between all of the carbonated waters out there, read up on another post where we talk all the details! 

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