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By brand, what is the best carbonated water flavor?

We all probably have our favorite carbonated water brand at this point but do you know what is your brand’s best flavor? This post gets some assistance from a few YouTube channels and dives deep into the carbonated water flavor reviews of a few popular carbonated water brands to help inform you of any carbonated water flavors that you may want to give a try!

Read through our carefully curated list of your favorite brands of sparkling waters as each of the brands flavors get critiqued and ranked. Be sure to let us know your favorite!

La Croix Sparkling Water

The carbonated water brand that started it all (kind of) is first on the list of reviewed flavors. For those still curious what the heck the difference between carbonated waters are and other fun carbonated water facts, you should read up on some of our other water posts too.

As for La Croix, the guys at Good Mythical Morning did all the heavy lifting (so we don’t have to) and tried 10 of the standard La Croix sparkling water flavors. None of the La Croix Cúrate flavors were included in this taste test so keep that in mind. So what exactly did they find?

The top three highest ranked La Croix sparkling water flavors are:

  1. Lime
  2. Orange (seems odd but may have to try it now)
  3. Berry

Coming in as the absolute worst flavors (to them) are:

  1. Coconut
  2. Followed closely by “Pure” or just plain La Croix

If you want to take a look at the full video and enjoy Rhett and Link’s detailed commentary on each flavor, watch the video.

Where to buy: $3.69 at Target

Spindrift Sparkling Water

This delicious carbonated beverage was actually the brand I used to reel my husband into the carbonated water trend. For awhile it was only available at our local Trader Joe’s and I was overjoyed when it began to make it’s way into some of the more main stream grocery stores.

Sincerely Megs breaks it down for us in her “bubbly” (hehe) video where she tries all ten of the current Spindrift sparkling water flavors. She has done her homework when it comes to Spindrift and carbonated water in general and shares her knowledge throughout the review. In her video, Meg takes her taste testing seriously by giving us her most honest review of each flavor. 

Meg’s favorite Sprindrift Sparkling Water flavors are:

  1. 1/2 tea and 1/2 lemon
  2. Grapefruit

You should grab your own go-to favorite carbonated water flavor, sit back and enjoy watching her full review!

Where to buy: Get a fun variety 20 pack for $24 at the Spindrift market!

Bubly Sparkling Water

I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the happiness and cheer that Bubly sparkling water is trying to spread with the pop of each can. The Bubly packaging is so happy and their slogan is “No calories, no sweeteners, all smiles” which is something I can totally get on board with. I am also a big fan of how every Bubly sparkling water tab has a cute little saying on it. It’s just a happy brand and I’m here for it ok?

As for Bubly flavor reviews, I was able to find Justin and Alicia’s couples review of all of the Bubly sparkling water flavors they could find (11 in total). Having two taste buds review the flavors offers more of a range for those whose taste buds might agree more with one vs the other. 

While they did not agree on the same order from best to worst, in Justin and Alicia’s video they ultimately both agree on two flavors that are extra tasty in their opinion. Those are:

  1. Lime
  2. Peach

Justin felt like a lot of the flavors towards the end of his ranking tasted more like medicine flavors than tasty carbonated water. What’s interesting is his worst ranked (Cherry flavor) was Alicia’s second favorite choice overall! So there you have it, two taste buds with completely different flavor opinions. Be sure to watch their full review at your leisure.

Where to buy: Amazon offers a variety 18 pack of Bubly for $37

Waterloo Sparkling Water

Waterloo sparkling waters are now available nationwide but they got their start in Austin, Texas, just a few years ago in 2017. This sparkling water is one of the few I have not yet tasted myself. Would you say it is a must try? I know very little when it comes to the keto way of eating but I do know I have seen multiple keto friendly accounts on instagram rave about the watermelon flavored Waterloo sparkling water. So there’s that.

Beardly Honest takes on Waterloo sparkling waters for one of his “Try it Tuesday” episodes on his YouTube channel. As he and his wife make their way through the eight different Waterloo flavors (another double taste bud opinion), one thing to note is they both enjoy the Waterloo sparkling water brand a lot more than the Bubly sparkling water brand.  Interesting.

When it comes to a flavor winner, I think it is safe to say that he and his wife both agree:

  1. Lemon (because it tastes like cotton candy? I’m intrigued…)
  2. Lime

There were quite a few runner ups for them and it sounds like the overall consensus is that the Waterloo sparkling waters are more flavorful than Bubly sparkling waters. If you’d like to watch their full thoughts on each flavor, take a look at the full video.

Where to buy: Watermelon Waterloo sparkling water 12 pack on  Amazon for $14.49

Good & Gather Sparkling Water

Last on our list for this post (but certainly not the least or last sparkling water brand out there) is Target’s brand of sparkling water, Good & Gather. These sparkling water flavors feel the most exotic to me (or the most like the Capri Sun flavors I loved from my childhood) but also the most tasty which is why I tend to try a new flavor each time I find myself at the store. 

There are a hefty amount of Good & Gather sparkling water flavors at there and Lauren of Lauren without Fear does not let that scare her away from trying all ten flavors in her review. She took to comparing each flavor to a similar La Croix flavor so that she could be sure her ranking was ultimately fair for each Target brand flavor. In the end, Lauren had to crown a champion.

Lauren’s top three favorite Good & Gather sparkling water flavors are:

  1.  Grapefruit
  2. Lime
  3. Raspberry Blackberry

Lauren’s review was thorough and she took her reviewing job seriously, so if you’re curious about the other Good & Gather sparkling water flavors, be sure to watch her full review.

Where to buy: Obviously you find these exclusively at Target, an 8pk is $2.99

As far as carbonated water brands go, there are so many out there that we didn’t cover in today’s post. But let us know if you found this content helpful and whether you’d like to know about some of the other popular carbonated water brands out there! 

For quick and easy access to all of the videos mentioned here today, check out our curated carbonated water review playlist on YouTube.

Keep in mind, all of our taste buds are different, especially when it comes to carbonated water. But still, there are a TON of sparkling carbonated waters out there that we don’t have all day (or all the money) to try and taste. That is where this list of videos comes in handy!

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