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The Hard Truth – Tips on How to Get Up For a Workout

I feel like we all ask ourselves at some point in life, how do those morning people get up so early to workout? Well today I want to first, squash the myth that morning people actually exist. Then, I’ll provide some active ways you can get your own self out of bed to crush those morning workouts.

Hopefully by the end of this article, how to get up for a workout won’t seem like as much of an impossible task!

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So it’s 6:45 am and your alarm goes off. Last night you did all the prep. Laid your clothes out, got your protein shake & coffee made and even made it to bed at a decent hour, just like all of those helpful tips you’ve read online said to do. You signed up for that 7:15 am HITT class (yet again) at the gym and you promised yourself you would NOT miss it.

But now, it’s officially morning, it’s still kind of dark out, the sheets feel warm and you just can’t seem to motivate your eyelids to open. So what do you do? You decide right then and there to promise yourself you will try it tomorrow when you’re not so tired…only to repeat the routine time and time again.

Ever found yourself in this vicious cycle?

I promise you if I had more hands to raise, I would because this was always me. I truly believed I was not a morning person and that the people that got up in the mornings to work out were a special kind of breed. But then I met my husband who is one of those morning persons I so envied and I found out something interesting…

…he is not a morning person either. 

The difference between people that actually get up before they need to in the mornings and those that can’t seem to make it happen is very simple. Motivation.

We all find our own ways to motivate ourselves to grow, learn & improve and figuring out how we can motivate ourselves to wake up early (and consistently) in the morning is no different. 

So I have broken down 5 simple ways to take initiative and motivate yourself to get up for that morning workout.

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5 Things to Consider to Get Up For a Workout

1. Get your mind around it

Getting up early will ALWAYS hurt for the first few minutes. ALWAYS

All these years I imagined there would come a day when the alarm clock went off and I was ready to jump out of bed and seize the day! Sadly, I am sorry to report that this is not actually the case. 

But if you take a few seconds to acknowledge this fact and understand that it will never feel easy, I honestly think it helps you with the process of waking up. You are no longer waiting or expecting this *ah ha* moment to occur. Instead you are able to accept that getting up in the morning is tough and move on.

2. Do all the prep work

I literally get up at 5:45 am and I am out the door by 5:55 am. Planning the night before is probably the advice you will see most often because it is so true. 

Set out and plan every little detail the night before so that you are able to get out the door quickly in the morning. Pick out your clothes, shoes, socks, hat (if you care about your hair, you don’t even have to brush it this way). Make a protein shake or have a banana or protein bar laid out by your keys & wallet so that everything is easy to grab and go. Be sure to make a water bottle too to stay hydrated. 

Download our curated checklist to help you double-check that you’re ready to go. Print it out and post it on your fridge or keep it by your bed for an easy access of your last to-dos before hitting the hay.

3. Set realistic goals

No one is asking (and definitely not expecting) you to change overnight. Focus on small, realistic wins for yourself when it comes to getting used to a morning workout routine. 

For example, start out trying to wake up early one morning a week. Next week or next month, move that goal up to twice a week. Don’t try to rebuild yourself over night.

When you accomplish something that you have consistently failed to do, it’s a huge win for you and your confidence! Try to set yourself up for little wins here and there that will help you to ultimately accomplish your goals. 

4. Create incentive

By working out in the morning, you are potentially freeing up more time in your day to get things done, which is great! One valuable way to spend that time is investing it back in yourself. Maybe you know it is going to be a long week at work, so treat yourself to a fun coffee to fuel you through the day! Or go out at lunch and get your hands around a new sandwich from the shop around the corner you’ve been eyeballing for ages. Better yet, spend that extra time soaking in a bubble bath and relaxing for a change.

Reward your action. 

I’m not suggesting you go overboard with treats and sweets that end up off-setting your workout accomplishments. Rewards come in many forms. But honestly what is the fun in doing something, if you don’t celebrate every once in awhile? As you start achieving new workout milestones, pause and congratulate yourself with a well earned incentive, whatever that may be. 

5. Invest in a real life alarm clock

Lastly and most importantly, find you an alarm clock with a hard to find snooze button and place that bad boy on your bedside table. Better yet, put it on your dresser or bathroom, so you actually have to GET OUT OF BED when it goes off in the morning. Don’t moan and groan at yourself for placing it so far away either. Remember, waking up early is always hard so thank yourself instead for being so smart.

I personally got this alarm clock off of amazon and it has worked great. A $20 investment into your overall well-being isn’t too shabby of a price tag in my mind.  

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