How to Stop Freezing Up and Get Started

How to get started is such a weighted question, don’t you agree?

We all tend to have some goal or another, whether it be a personal or business goal.

For me, I’ve had this idea to start this blog (community, space on the internet, whatever you want to call it) for months now but when it comes to figuring out how to actually getting started I freeze up. I have been frozen with the fear of failure, with the fear of not producing something of value for others, and for so many other reasons. But the thing that seems to keep me continually frozen is the most basic question of where do I even begin?

The list of how-to questions has overwhelmed me recently and maybe you can relate.

Questions related to fitness and health like:

  • What food is considered healthy?
  • How do I start something like CrossFit?
  • How do I gain muscle and lose fat?

Or maybe some questions related to starting a new online business like:

  • How do I get started on Instagram?
  • How do I start a successful blog?
  • How do I even write a blog post?
  • How do I choose a logo, colors, style, design?
  • What content should I start with?

I honestly think that sometimes we agonize over “the question” or “the goal” so much that we ultimately forget our intention or motivation behind it. Google is such a good friend to us and has also led to us having so much information at our fingertips. That information overload can sometimes hinder our will to move forward.

So here I am, writing this first blog post after MONTHS of research, after asking all the questions, after agonizing over this and that and I want to encourage you to just start. Start typing, go on the walk, begin to learn to cook, whatever the thing you have been debating and stressing over, just start.

One of the things I am always repeating to myself is the saying:

Ain’t nothin’ to it, just do it!

Trust me when I say you will feel SO accomplished just by getting started.

Remember to Celebrate!

When you finally take that step and start, take time to celebrate that accomplishment!

To me, getting started is possibly the hardest part of the journey, so honoring yourself and that accomplishment is so important. 

Once you start, it’s all about small, tiny steps to keep you moving forward. This is where I hope to be a resource to you. I want to help you plan and to continue taking those tiny, bite-sized steps forward until you ultimately start reaching your goals.

Still not feeling like you can easily take that first step and start? That’s absolutely fair.

But let me leave you with this.

Have you ever taken a moment to sit down and think about the saying “Tomorrow is not promised”? It’s weird and kind of morbid to truly think about but it’s the truth. We have one life to live, one life to take advantage of and to be happy. I encourage you to take the first step and start so you’re getting the most out of this one life!

And remember, I believe in you. You are enough. You can do this!

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Ain't nothin' to it just do it.

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