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Will You Fall in Love With Godzilla® Pre Workout?

Ready to pump some iron and get swole?!?! There is so much to unpack with the Godzilla pre workout collab going on with RYSE Supplements. Where to even begin?

We are going to unpack all the details about the collaboration itself, the ingredients used in the product and whether it’s even worth your money. Also as a bonus, we’re sharing an honest review of the Godzilla pre workout from someone on the moderately fit team who has never tried any pre workout before.

So with all that excitement to share, let’s get right to it!

The Faces Behind the Collaboration

The Godzilla pre workout was designed by Noel Deyzel aka Daddy Noel to his fans.

Deyzel is a famous bodybuilder on social media and with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube (at the time of this post), Deyzel has made a name for himself in the fitness space. People enjoy his content because a majority of his videos provide short, entertaining pieces of advice for all levels of fitness.

These days Deyzel is actually a co-owner of RYSE according to his instagram bio.

But this collaboration is technically two fold as it also a shoutout to the blockbuster legend himself, Godzilla.

The collaboration is pretty brilliant in my opinion as Noel Deyzel is one beast of a human so it’s only fitting to team up with the largest iconic monster out there to launch a new pre workout series.

What’s in it?

So what makes this pre workout different than others? Let’s take a look at the label and dive into the ingredients.

First of all, the container says it has 40 servings but that is only if you take one scoop at a time. Because they suggest up to 2 scoops per serving, we are going to look at what the numbers are at 2 scoops.

If you are new or newer to pre workout though, please don’t start with 2 scoops. See how your body adjusts to 1 scoop of Godzilla pre workout first because it is so heavily packed.

man at gym with weights
Image via Pexels

For the Pump


Some of this information may not be relevant to you because you’re already aware. But for those of you newer to pre workout, citrulline is the ingredient behind what is known as “pump” in the gym world.

When people talk about pre workout giving them “pump”, they’re talking about this feeling you get where you think you can feel blood rushing directly to your muscles. And increased blood flow is exactly what’s happening.

Ingesting citrulline can increase your production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a type of vasodilator, which means it causes your blood vessels to stretch wider which increases blood flow.

Godzilla pre workout is full of both L-Citrulline and Citrulline Nitrate (aka NO3-T®). In two scoops of Godzilla pre workout, you’ll hit 11g of Citrulline.


VasoDrive-AP comes from casein which is a protein that can be found in dairy.

Similar to citrulline, this compound can increase your nitric oxide, giving you another source of pump during your workout.

But unlike citrulline, VasoDrive-AP doesn’t stop there. This ingredient is also linked to recovery and may help reduce muscle soreness. Not to mention a number of additional benefits too, such as regulating blood pressure and reduction in fatigue related to exercise.

With this pre workout you can get up to 300mg of VasoDrive-AP.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Here is a prime example of where you can see that RYSE doesn’t skimp on their ingredients.

But first, let’s talk sodium. Sodium is a natural electrolyte and when you’re working hard at the gym, you are sweating aka losing water. To balance out and make sure your fluid levels are just right (which is super important), sodium joins in to help out.

Of course, RYSE didn’t decide to use any old normal sodium in their Godzilla pre workout. They chose to include pink Himalayan sea salt which is typically more expensive.

While there are no studies yet to confirm if there are true added health benefits, some believe the additional trace elements or minerals found in this type of sea salt are real too.

But again, RYSE not only chose what some might consider a “nicer” salt, they also put a TON of it in this formula. A whopping 500mg per serving is insane!

Image via Pexels

For the Focus


Thinkamine aka vincamine is the latest in nootropics. Nootropics typically aid in increasing your levels of focus and concentration as well as energy.

So when it comes to working out, adding more focus and boosts of energy would be a welcomed addition. Which is exactly why the Godzilla pre workout comes packed with 20 mg of it.

It is worth mentioning one thing though. While approved by the FDA in the United Staes, vincamine is a prescription medicine in Europe used to treat certain types of dementia. This certainly does not mean it is or is not good for the body but long term studies have not been completed on the matter.


You may not know it, but when you eat chocolate you are also eating some theobromine. This compound acts as a stimulant so short bursts of focus may come as a result. Just like eating chocolate can sometimes make you feel a little happier, there is some thought that theobromine may have a part in improving mood as well.

In a quality bite of some dark chocolate you may ingest anywhere from 15-20mg of theobromine per gram. With two scoops of Godzilla pre workout you’re getting 10x that with 200mg of theobromine.

Choline Bitartrate (as VitaCholine®)

One of the essential nutrients are body needs is choline and it’s found in a ton of whole foods. Eating meats, nuts and seeds or even broccoli can give you a nice choline boost. But studies show that this is a nutrient that a majority of people are not getting the recommended amount per day.

Choline aids in making sure your liver and muscles work right. But it also is a main factor in helping with your mood and memory. A whole lot of choline is packed in to the Godzilla pre workout (1.6g to be exact!). So taking this pre workout is definitely checking this nutrient off your list!

Image via Pexels

For the Performance

Beta Alanine

Ever experienced that warm, tingly feeling when taking pre workout? The culprit of that feeling is beta alanine. Tingling or paresthesia, is a side effect of taking large doses of beta alanine but it has not be found to be a harmful result.

Other than causing a tingly feeling, beta alanine has been proven to give bursts of endurance for anywhere from 1-10 minutes in a workout. Once this amino acid makes in way in the body, it turns into carnosine which has antioxidant properties. That carnosine is what works as a lactic acid buffer for you muscles as well.

One thing to note is that two scoops of this Godzilla pre workout gives you double the usual dosage amount in other pre workouts (6.4g) – so watch out for that. For those that don’t love the warm tingle, this amount of beta alanine could be too much.

Betaine Anhydrous

The debate on whether betaine is helpful from a performance aspect is still under research. But some believe that in certain types of exercise with high metabolic stress, there is a chance that betaine can help you out.

While we don’t know if it helps with performance specifically, we do know that it helps produce carnitine. Carnitine is a big player in our energy production so producing more of it with betaine could possibly help with energy levels.

Again, Godzilla pre workout has double what you typically see in a pre workout.

Creatine Monihydrate

We’ve finally made it to an ingredient that has been well researched and that research has proven its benefits. Creatine is widely used in the fitness supplements space as a way to improve power output in a workout.

For a nice little strength boost, the Godzilla pre workout is loaded with 5g of creatine.

Image via Pexels

For Some Energy

Caffeine Anhydrous – energy

Here we have dehydrated caffeine that is used to give you nice wake up call for your workout. Note that there is quite a high caffeine dose in this pre workout. So if you had plans for a late night pump session, be mindful that the 350mg of caffeine in this (plus the 50mg of extended release caffeine) might be more than you want.

Is it a good pre workout?

Ok now you know what’s in the Godzilla pre workout but what does that mean in comparison to others? How do people perform when they work out? And for some, most importantly, does it taste any good?

Compared to Other Pre Workouts

Let’s take another company’s pre workout that is known to fully disclose their labels.

Image via Kaged.com

Kaged Pre-Kaged® pre workout is a fairly comparable brand to Ryse as far as label details go. One nice detail of the Kaged supplement label is that they have sectioned it by category such as pump, focus or hydration.

But things to highlight with the Kaged pre workout are:

  • they only recommend 1 scoop. That quickly has the Kaged pre workout have less of every single ingredient except for the betaine anhydrous
  • it does not include choline which is an essential nutrient most of us are lacking in our daily intake
  • they use coconut water powder instead of pink Himalayan sea salt for electrolytes

The overall list of ingredients is fairly different when you compare the Godzilla pre workout to the Kaged pre workout. So while it is not apples to apples, you can tell that the volume of ingredients within the Godzilla pre workout is superior.


For someone that had never taken pre workout before, I will say that I did not think the focus was the best. Now I could have been distracted because of the fact that I’d never had pre workout before so I couldn’t stop focusing on the tingling feeling going on.

But my energy levels during my workout were high and I finally experience that pump feeling for sure.

Do I think pre workout in general is worth it though? Maybe for bodybuilders but I’m not seeing the full need for me and the stage of working out (mainly CrossFit) that I’m in.


Don’t get the Godzilla pre workout if you want great taste. Get it if you want great ingredients.

With everything, what works for some, may not work for others. Basically everything hurts my stomach and the Godzilla pre workout was no exception. I found that if I ate it with a meal or snack, I didn’t have as much of a problem though.

I only tried the Monsterberry Lime flavor because everyone said it was the best. It was definitely sweet but it has a super weird after taste. But again, if you’re here for the pump, then you should be able to choke down some kind of weird tasting pre workout ok?

Godzilla pre workout currently comes in three flavors: Monsterberry Lime, Blackberry Lemonade and Strawberry Kiwi.

Scrolling through the reviews, the consensus was that Blackberry Lemonade is by far the worst flavor.

So if you want to go ahead and grab you some, choose your flavor preference below!

Ryse Godzilla pre workout Monsterberry Lime flavor
Image via Ryse site

Monsterberry Lime

Ryse Godzilla pre workout Blackberry Lemonade flavor
Image via Ryse site

Blackberry Lemonade

Ryse Godzilla pre workout Strawberry Kiwi flavor
Image via Ryse Site

Strawberry Kiwi

Well that’s it everyone. As always, we suggest you do your own research because we aren’t the experts. But if you loved our review of the RYSE Godzilla pre workout, then we think you’ll love our ranking of RYSE protein powders as well.

Please let us know your own personal thoughts on Godzilla pre workout too if you’ve given it a try!

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