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Over 5 Of the Best CrossFit Podcasts in 2021

Finding podcasts is hard, especially if you have a particular topic in mind. If you have CrossFit on the brain, here are the top five best CrossFit podcasts in 2021. Also included in the list  are six additional podcasts that aren’t solely about CrossFit but certainly have relevant episode topics.

5 Best CrossFit Podcasts in 2021

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1. Froning & Friends

Let’s start off with the great himself. Rich Froning, and his podcast Froning & friends. Don’t go listening to this podcast and expecting it to be only about functional fitness. Froning and his crew talk grilling, faith and at times CrossFit. 

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2. Talking Elite Fitness

Sean Woodland aka the “voice of CrossFit” teams up with Tommy Marquez (along with the Buttery Bros Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers) to chat about all things CrossFit. Whether they are talking about what’s going on in the news, interviewing your favorite CrossFit athlete or analyzing competitions, these two are a good listen.

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3. The Wodcast Podcast

Ready for a podcast that doesn’t take themselves too seriously? Comedian led podcast, Wodcast Podcast, is all about functional fitness. Eddie Ifft interviews some big name athletes and professionals, all while making them feel right at home. If you’re looking for knowledge but mixed with entertainment, this podcast is for you.

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4. Barbell Shrugged

Looking to get technical when it comes to weight lifting and functional fitness? Barbell Shrugged podcast takes a look into the specifics of training and movements, bringing in some knowledgeable guests to discuss the topics further. At times, they interview CrossFit games athletes  as well for their take on things.

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Kettlebells & cocktails podcast

5. Kettlebells & Cocktails (formerly Make Pods Great Again)

If you love a good CrossFit meme, then you have probably stumbled upon @makewodsgreatagain on Instagram. Now imagine that account as a podcast and you’ll find an unfiltered, fun take on athlete interviews. John Wooley (the face behind the Instagram) along with Niki Brazier, mainly interview CrossFit athletes. At times they touch on news happening in the CrossFit community or answer listeners questions too.

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Honorable Mentions:

While the podcasts below don’t solely discuss CrossFit related topics (or are no longer being recorded regularly), each one still makes for an interesting listen. Check out the podcasts that didn’t quite make the list for the best CrossFit podcasts in 2021:

  • Chasing excellence podcast by Ben Bergeron. Bergeron trains some of the fittest athletes in the world.
  • Girls gone WOD (Now called “This is Joy & Claire”. A good female led podcast to go back and listen in on.)
  • Mind muscle project (Not just about fitness, you’ll find mental and physical related topics on this podcast.)
  • Icon athlete (A lot of the CrossFit podcasts tend to be labeled explicit, but here is one that is kid friendly. Keep in mind they aren’t 100% about CrossFit.)
  • One more rep (This podcast is no longer recorded regularly but with over 100+ prior episodes to choose from, it’s still worth the listen.)
  • WTF gym talk (A little bit more about the business behind a gym, you may still find the content relatable.)

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