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11 of the Best VR Workout Games in 2022

Are you one of the lucky son of guns that got a VR headset for Christmas? Or just looking to get some different kinds of fitness inspo in the New Year? Well regardless, we have the list for you when it comes to the best VR workout games. Whether you’re looking for a full body workout or something more targeted like an arm workout, this post is for you.

Scan through the list of our favorite VR workout games currently. These games will get your blood pumping and your body moving, all while enjoying the art of gaming.

The Best VR Workout Games Currently

Beat Saber logo

1. Beat Saber

I know, I know. You’ve seen the commercials or feel like it’s the only game people talk about. Well everyone keeps talking about Beat Saber because it’s truly fun! It can also leave you physically sore with how much it requires you to move your body. There’s a reason it’s top of the list for the best VR workout games.

BEST FOR: Someone who wants to workout without feeling like they’re working out. And who loves pop songs.

2. The Thrill of the Fight

People can’t get enough of this real-life boxing simulation. The amount of reviewers who say they’ve lost a crazy amount of weight thanks to this game, has us highly intrigued. When you enter the gym, you have a chance to fight a bunch of unique characters, each equipped with their own boxing style.

There is even a feature within the game to track your fitness, making it easier to see how much effort you’re putting in.

BEST FOR: Someone serious about getting into shape but not ready for gym sign up. Or curious about boxing in general.


This award winning game definitely makes the list for one of the best VR workout games. Don’t let the first person shooter style game fool you. Unlike anything you’ve played, SUPERHOT VR’s unique graphics, paired with the physical aspect of running and ducking through the VR world offers such a cool experience. 

Nothing is given to you in this game. If you’re in need of a weapon, you’ll have to take it from the enemy. Such an intense game that keeps you on your toes. You’re never safe truly safe and that’s what keeps you moving.

BEST FOR: Someone looking for a unique twist to the first person shooter style games.

4. Synth Riders

Think Beat Saber but with a unique flair that will keep you coming back for more. While this is also a rhythm based game, it still manages to set itself apart with the stages, movements and ability to upload custom beats.

Take our word for it, this addicting game will have you dancing the night (and some calories during the process) away.

BEST FOR: Someone who likes a good guitar hero style challenge. But also for all those dance lovers out there.

Creed: Rise to Glory screenshot

5. Creed: Rise to Glory

Oh wow, another boxing game (insert sarcasm). Why would I buy this one, if The Thrill of the Fight is such a better game you ask? 

Because Creed: Rise to Glory has more of an arcade style to it, whereas The Thrill of the Fight gives you that real life fighting experience. Sure, the harder you punch doesn’t count in this game but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get in a good workout. Endurance mode in this game is where the most fun is at.

BEST FOR: Someone looking to move their body but not critique the real life aspects of boxing to this VR game.

6. Racket: NX

Get you a little cardio action with this fun racket ball simulated workout. Think Rocket League arena meets real life squash ball. The harder you hit, the more the ball goes haywire.

WARNING: Be sure to give yourself plenty of space between you and your TV or you might end up wacking the heck out of your expensive TV setup and be real sad.

BEST FOR: Someone who enjoys a tennis or squash related game in real life. Or is looking to get out their aggression in some other way than boxing.

Until you fall screenshot

7. Until You Fall

Make sure to do your arm stretches before this bad boy of a workout. The harder you swing, the more damage you do in the game. Fight off the monsters to survive this fantasy VR game.

BEST FOR: Someone looking for that good arm workout but wants more of a fantasy gaming battle than a dance battle.

Sprint Vector screenshot

8. Sprint Vector

Think you sweat in Beat Saber? Then you need to give Sprint Vector a try.

We can’t get enough of this game from the best VR workout games list. Trust us. Give yourself time to get the mechanics of running and skating down in this VR game and you’ll be loving it. This game has Mario Kart-esque vibes but you are actually the acting as the cart in this one.

BEST FOR: Someone who loves Beat Saber but looking to mix it up. Loving games like Mario Kart will also pull you into this one. 

holopoint screenshot

9. Holopoint

Tap into your inner Katniss Everdeen with this VR bow style game. You can seriously get so lost in this game, you forget to take a rest. Unlike other games, you can’t unlock the next level just by progressing. You have to truly grow your archery skill so that you can defeat the danger and hit the targets.

BEST FOR: Someone looking to try their hand at archery and wanting an intense workout. 

Honorable Mentions

10. Knockout League

Most reviewers say it’s nothing like actual boxing, so just go in with low expectations there. A few reviews suggested it was like the game Punchout! but others disagreed. But what you’re looking at is a game with some cool graphics, with interesting and unique characters to battle.

BEST FOR: Someone looking for a good, fun VR experience while maybe getting a little bit of a workout in the process.

11. OhShape

Another rhythm based game that has you move your body into different positions in order to fit through the wall. This gets an honorable mention because while it’s a fun, legit workout, there are some things with the game that still need to be tweaked. 

For instance, it’s really difficult to know when or why you missed a particular target. So you may end up with a lower score than you thought. But if you don’t care about the score, you’re still moving your body which is a huge plus!

BEST FOR: Someone looking for a new challenge when it comes to rhythm based gaming. If you can crack the code on this one, you’ll be a real MVP.

The amount of workout related VR games is continuing to rise. Because of that, we could certainly keep this list of the best VR workout games going. But we did our best to filter through the list and recommend what we personally enjoy. If you’ve got the time, try out one or two and see what you think! Be sure to let us know in the comments, your VR workout favorites.

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