Summer - the best time of year to lose weight

Summer – the Best Time of Year to Lose Weight

Summertime. It’s a magical season in a lot of ways. With warmer weather, comes more opportunities to get outside. Swimming, going for a walk, grilling dinner…the options are endless. I personally feel like summer is the best time of year to lose weight. Allow me to explain.

1. It’s Hot – So You Drink More Water

Water, it does the body good. But between your morning coffee, getting distracted by work and all of other life’s excuses, it can be tough to get in your daily amount of water. 

But listen, this is why summer is perfect! Even if you’re a slow drinker like myself, when you get hot you tend to want/need to chug an ice cold glass of water. The hot, summer weather gives you that natural push for you to give your body more water.  

2. It’s Prime Fruit and Veggie Season

It’s true what they say. Progress is made in the kitchen.

If you are looking to shred some pounds, you will see the most progress come from what you eat aka what you put in your body. The better you eat and the more natural, non-processed foods you give your body, the better weight loss results you will have.

What better time to give your body some extra tasty fruits and vegetables than in the summer! It’s seriously the best time of year to lose weight from a natural food perspective. 

Tomatoes, peaches, blackberries, okra, squash and zucchini…the list goes on and it’s making me hungry!

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Summer fruit & veggies - what's in season

3. Vitamin D Does the Body Good

Sun, when absorbed safely, is so great for the body on a variety of levels. 

First and foremost, getting some sun and absorbing that good vitamin D works wonders for your mental health. Tons of research has gone into proving that vitamin D is in fact a key factor in regulating your mood. 

Countless other studies have shown us that a good dose of vitamin D also helps in decreasing the odds of developing serious diseases such as heart disease. Plus, some research even goes as far as to say that vitamin D is a natural appetite suppressor. 

More water, more of nature’s good foods and more sun make the case for why summer is the best time of year to lose weight. I challenge you to get creative and find some new ways to move your body this summer too. Whether it be a casual pool swim or a smooth paddle boarding session, try something new this summer! 

And if you’re looking for some new gear to jump start your summer weight loss, be sure to check out our post on 20+ things you can buy on Amazon to help you on your health journey.


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