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Misfits Protein Bars – A New Favorite or a Real Waste?

Misfits Health brand hasn’t been around very long, having just launched in the UK in 2020. But since their launch, the brand has certainly been busy hustling to chisel out a spot for themselves in the protein bar market. Whether it’s the bright colored packaging or drool worthy instagram photos that draw you in, Misfits Health is making a loud splash in the fitness world. Aiming to satisfy the plant based dieter’s chocolate sweet tooth, Misfits protein bars have been wildly popular. But are they actually good and tasty or are they more of a sensational flop?

We’ve got a list of questions we aim to find out the answers to in this extensive guide to Misfits protein bars. Let’s dive right in!

6 of the Misfits Protein Bar Flavors Reviewed

In general, there are three distinct layers to every Misfits protein bar. Each bar starts with a rice krispie-esque layer that adds an enjoyable, textured crunch to each bite. Next up is the ooey gooey layer, which I personally don’t notice in a bite but maybe it adds to the overall flavor? TBD. But lastly is what you might call the “typical” protein bar that is a bit chalky but holds a bulk of the flavor. All three layers are then covered in a chocolate like coating to complete this vegan friendly protein bar.

Now that you know the makeup of each Misfits protein bar, let’s talk about each flavor we tasted and our personal faves. One thing this brand does not lack is a large variety of flavors!


  • Best Flavor: Chocolate Caramel (by a long shot)
  • Worst Flavor: Dark Choc Brownie (legit stay away)
  • What we liked: The bars with the milk chocolate coating and the way the different layers take away from the normal chalkiness of a protein bar
  • What we didn’t like: The unpredictable gassy stomach pain side effects
  • Overall score: 5 out of 10
Chocolate Cookie Butter Misfits protein bar
Image via Misfits Health

Chocolate Cookie Butter

Strong opinion but Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter might just be the best thing sold at Trader Joe’s stores. So if you’ve never tried cookie butter, go ahead and start by getting you some. Right now. Oh and while you’re there, get you some of these best Trader Joe’s frozen meal items.

With that out of the way, we can chat about how much I liked this flavor.

Let me tell you, it was one of my absolute favorites (#2 to be exact) of the ones we tried. The mix of flavors in this bar do a great job of blocking out the artificial aftertaste more so than any of the others. Mainly, I think the real winner is the faux milk chocolate coating. The vegan milk chocolate is much more flavorful and closest to the real thing – more so than the white chocolate or dark chocolate.

Cookies 'N Cream Misfits protein bar
Image via Misfits Health

Cookies ‘N Cream

I’m a huge Oreo® fan so therefore this was the first flavor I had to try.

With the first bite, I was honestly a bit underwhelmed. But the more I ate, the more I really enjoyed it! And just to paint the full picture, this was my first bite of any Misfits protein bar. I certainly can’t speak for you but I am always hopeful that someone will miraculously invent a way to make a protein bar taste like the exact replica of a candy bar.

So with that being said, don’t expect this to taste much like cookies ‘n cream, mainly because you don’t get that icing flavor. You also do get some strong artificial aftertaste with each bite but it doesn’t linger which I like.

Chocolate Banoffee Misfits protein bar
Image via Misfits Health

Chocolate Banoffee

Well this flavor was a first for me. For those of us unfamiliar with English desserts, this particular Misfits protein bar flavor is an ode to the popular banoffee pie dish. Pronounced buh-naa-fee, banoffee pie is typically made with bananas, cream and a caramel sauce over a biscuity pie crust. Yum.

So now that we know what the flavor profile is supposed to taste like, does it hit the mark?

If you like bananas, especially in the form of banana bread, then this flavor is for you. I literally couldn’t taste anything but bananas, which isn’t too surprising since bananas have a strong lingering scent to begin with.

Dark Choc Brownie Misfits protein bar
Image via Misfits Health

Dark Choc Brownie

When I opened the Dark Choc Brownie bar, I was immediately bombarded with a strong, and I do mean STRONG, blast of artificial (read: not good) smell. I was so pumped for this flavor because I mean, it looks like brownie batter amiright?

But the initial (terrible) smell was a pretty darn accurate indicator of how bad this flavor tasted as well. While I did end up eating the whole thing, it was not enjoyable. This flavor takes the cake for worst tasting (and smelling) of the bunch.

Hazelnut Misfits protein bar
Image via Misfits Health


You ever been to a social gathering or event where you notice one particular person is kind of just there? Like it’s fine, they aren’t bothering anyone but they are just kind of hanging around in the background? Well that’s pretty accurate on how this Hazelnut flavored Misfits bar tastes.

It’s certainly not bad (*cough* Dark Choc Brownie *cough*) but the only way to really describe the flavor is that it’s just “there”. All that to say, I’d definitely eat it again but I wouldn’t seek it out as my first flavor option.

Chocolate Caramel Misfits protein bar
Image via Misfits Health

Chocolate Caramel

Last flavor, best flavor that’s what I always say.

But for real, this was the last flavor we tried and after some pretty disappointing flavors I was SHOCKED at how good this one was. Because the flavor was so good, I immediately went back and tried a bite of the Chocolate Cookie Butter to be sure I actually liked this flavor. Sure enough, that vegan milk chocolate coating is delicious. Pair that with whatever caramel goodness they have going on in the middle of this bar and you’ve got yourself a winner my friends.

Misfits protein bar flavors we didn’t try

White Choc Strawberries N' Cream Misfits protein bar
White Choc Strawberries N’ Cream – Image via Misfits Health
Chocolate S'mores Misfits protein bar
Chocolate S’mores – Image via Misfits Health
Lemon Cheesecake Misfits protein bar
Lemon Cheesecake – Image via Misfits Health
Mint Choc Chip Misfits protein bar
Mint Choc Chip – Image via Misfits Health
White Choc Salted Peanut Misfits protein bar
White Choc Salted Peanut – Image via Misfits Health
Birthday Cake Misfits protein bar
Birthday Cake – Image via Misfits Health
PB&J Misfits protein bar
PB&J – Image via Misfits Health
White Choc Cookie Butter Misfits protein bar
White Choc Cookie Butter – Image via Misfits Health

Since Misfits is based in the UK, their bars haven’t yet found a place in the United States where they are sold individually. Unfortunately, there are still 8 more flavors we still haven’t tried. Misfits should really do a second variety box of 6 more flavors so that you can get a better idea of your overall favorites (You’re welcome for the idea). If the bars go on sale, or start being sold individually, we will update the post with more flavor details.

How many calories is in a Misfits bar?

Misfits protein bars average 180 or 190 calories per bar. If you’re curious about additional nutrition facts, take a look on the Misfits site and select the specific flavor you want to learn more about.

Below is the full nutrition information for the Chocolate Caramel (aka the best) flavor for a more detailed breakdown of a specific bar.

Typical NutritionalsPer 45g Bar% DV
Total Fat 9g12%
Saturated Fat4g20%
Trans Fat0g
Cholesterol 0mg0%
Total Carbohydrate15g5%
Dietary Fiber9g32%
Total Sugars<1g
Added Sugars0g0%
Protein 16g23%
Vitamin D0mcg0%

Are Misfits bars Keto?

Here’s the thing about keto. As you’re probably aware, the ketogenic diet is meant to exclude large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar intake. So if you are looking for ways around that, you probably aren’t going to find it.

Allulose is an example of an artificial sweetener that the body doesn’t metabolize. This lab made sweetener is used and marketed as a “safe” keto friendly sugar. But a recent study explored artificial sugar further and found that it still spikes insulin levels. Therefore by ingesting artificial sugar, your body still mistakes it for glucose in the form of releasing insulin. So for those monitoring their insulin levels, be careful of the side effects!

Where to buy vegan Misfits protein bars?

Looking for Misfits protein bars in the United States? These bars are currently only available for purchase online at amazon.com or on the brand’s website. Because the company got its start in the UK, they are still working to get product sold in U.S. stores but we’re holding out hope that it won’t be much longer.

Would I buy them again?

So even when only eating half of a Misfits protein bar, I experienced some painful gassiness 3-4 hours after eating a bar. It didn’t happen every time but it makes me hesitant to reach for these bars in the future.

I certainly thought that some of the flavors were good enough and different enough that I would totally be willing to eat them again. But because they are only available in bulk in the United States right now, I don’t see myself keeping a large stash in the pantry.

Misfits protein bars kept me full for my workouts too. So other than the unexpected painful side effects, the bars checked a lot of boxes. New favorite is a little strong for these but if you’re vegan or just looking to switch up your protein bars, they are aren’t a total waste. Just please, please don’t ever get the Dark Choc Brownie 🙂

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