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How to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes While Running

Do you experience hot outdoor jobs in the summers in the South? Or do you tend to get extra sweaty on the treadmill? Well there is nothing worse than getting stingy, salty sweat into your eyes when you’re trying to run. So, we have curated a list of six items that can help you keep sweat out of your eyes while running. Take a look and let us know what wins in your book!

6 Ways to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes While Running

1. Wear a Performance Hat or Visor

Headsweats hat

Headsweats Performance Race Hat

Did you know that there are some hats out there that have been designed specifically to be worn when exercising? Performance hats are created with sweating and breathability in mind. These types of hats help to remove moisture and help reduce the direct glare from the sun in your eyes. Also this Headsweats brand hat is machine washable and available in other styles!

2. Put On a Headband or Bandana

sweat headbands

Vinsguir Sports Headbands

Headbands are a great, lightweight option to keep sweat out of your eyes while running. These bands absorb sweat and keep hair out of your face too. Due to it being a little thinner, the downside to a headband is that once it becomes completely soaked through, it may not be as good at keeping the sweat away.

3. Use One or Two Wristbands


Under Armor wristband

Wristbands feel like the original sweat eliminators for on the move. While it may feel like wristbands just cause more sweat to pool under them, they serve as easy ways to wipe away the sweat from your forehead.

4. Try Out a New Design

veo sweat strips

Veo Sweat-Diverting Strips

It feels like something new and innovative is always coming out on the market. The Veo sweat-diverting strips are a new way to try to keep sweat out of your eyes while running. You place one of the strips above your eyebrows and they help redirect sweat to stop dripping directly into your eyes!

5. Tie It On

Halo headband

Halo Headband

A mix between a bandana and a headband, the Halo headbands allow for you to adjust the headband for a custom fit. They come in a ton of color options and their SweatSeal is designed to channel your sweat away from your face. 

6. Apply Petroleum Jelly to Your Forehead

petroleum jelly

Amazon Brand – Solimo Petroleum Jelly

Give yourself a little Simba action from the Lion King and take some petroleum jelly to spread across your forehead. This may sound strange but serious runners swear by it!

If all else fails and you find yourself with nothing handy, you can always use your shirt to wipe away sweat. It’s not always ideal but in a pinch it can help you out. 

Did we miss anything? Have a favorite? Let us know! 

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6 ways to keep sweat out of your eyes when running

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