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Run & Get It! Where to Buy Pili Nuts

Did you first hear about them on Shark Tank or on vacation in the Philippines? Or did you just randomly stumble upon the healthy, trendy new pili nut? However you heard about them, you may have come to find out that they aren’t so easy to find. So where can you buy pili nuts? We’ve got the list for you.

But first, for those who aren’t as familiar, let’s dive into what makes these nuts so special.

What Are Pili Nuts?

Found in different parts of Southeast Asia, pili nuts are currently only commercially harvested in the Philippines. Also known as the Java almond, this nut has a high fat, low carbohydrate nutrition content, making it a filling snack option. Because of its healthy nutrients and filling properties, this nut has become more popular in recent years. As far as taste goes, these nuts have been described as similar to the pine nut but also as a mix between macadamia and cashew nuts.

While pili nuts are a great snack option, they have historically been very difficult to harvest. The hard outer shell makes cracking into these nuts tricky. Not to mention, the trees that bear the nut fruit take many years to grow before they even begin producing the nut.

Pili Nuts Nutrition Info

For some of the popular diets like keto or paleo, pili nuts make a great addition. If you’re curious about pili nuts nutrition, here’s a quick breakdown for you.

Naturally, the pili nut is made up of 70% fat, roughly 12% protein on average and 8% carbohydrates. Each nut also contains minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Not to mention, they are full of vitamin E, making them great for the skin and hair too. But what does that mean compared to other nuts?

Per 52g serving sizes, Pili Hunters states:


Where to Buy Pili Nuts

Now that you know a little bit about them, let’s talk about where to buy pili nuts. Being that it is difficult to harvest, there aren’t many brands currently selling the nuts. But for the ones that are, take a look at where to buy them!

Thrive Market

Thrive market aims to help make healthier foods more affordable for everyone. By cutting out the middle man, they are able to offer a ton of products closer to the wholesale price.

Check out thrive market and their pili nut options.

Directly From the Brand

Some of the most popular brands include:

Pili Hunters

Boasting the most variety of flavors, Pili Hunters has seemingly been the brand to make a name for the nut. You can shop their eight different nut flavors on their website, with various size offers too.

Pili hunters pili nuts brand

Pure Traditions

While not offered directly on their website, Pure Traditions pili nuts can be purchased through Wild Mountain Paleo Market. 

With seven flavors, this brand offers a lot of tasty options like Pizza or Apple Spice.

Pure traditions sprouted pili nuts


Offering three flavors, these pili nuts come from a brand that specializes in all things superfood. From coffee & water to prebiotic greens, this brand knows about energy efficient products.

Laird pili nuts brand

Check Local, Small Health Food Stores

Shopping local, especially in these pandemic times, could really help out your local stores. If you’re out and about, try popping your head in and asking if they sell pili nuts. A lot of small grocers have been creating online shops too for your convenience.


If all else fails, you can leave it to Amazon to find you some pili nut options.

Pure traditions sprouted pili nuts
Laird pili nuts brand

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