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MUSH Oats Review: Breakfast in a Breeze

Today, I’m diving into the world of MUSH – a brand that’s taken the overnight oats market by storm. If you’ve been wandering the refrigerated aisles of your local grocery store, you’ve likely stumbled upon these little tubs of oaty goodness. But what’s the fuss all about? In this MUSH oats review, we’ll explore the company, the flavors, and whether they’re worth adding to your breakfast rotation.

Who and What is MUSH?

MUSH is more than just a fun name. It’s a representation of the brand’s ethos. By cold-soaking their oats, MUSH retains the raw, nutritional integrity of each grain. That means no cooking and no unnecessary processing. The result? A soft, pulpy consistency that’s both tasty and nutritious.

Founded by two friends, MUSH aims to deliver convenience without compromising on health. They recognized the need for on-the-go breakfast options that didn’t sacrifice nutritional value. Thus, the idea of ready-to-eat, delicious overnight oats was born.

Unboxing the Flavors

Okay, let’s get to the tasty part! MUSH offers a variety of flavors, each with its unique twist. Let’s walk through each one:

MUSH overnight oats vanilla bean
Image via MUSH

Vanilla Bean

Think of the classic creamy texture of overnight oats, but infused with genuine vanilla bean flavor. It’s a sweet, aromatic experience that makes for a delightful morning treat. The flavor profile here isn’t as strong as some of the other flavors and therefore might be a good candidate for adding more fun things to it like bananas, cinnamon or some protein powder.

MUSH oats blueberry
Image via MUSH


Bursting with fresh blueberry flavor, this variant is like a summer morning in a tub. The natural sweetness of the berries complements the neutral base of the oats perfectly. For those of us that are not fans of coconut milk, you probably won’t love this flavor. The initial bite wasn’t good to me but I ended up enjoying it after a few bites.

MUSH oats strawberry
Image via MUSH


A classic flavor that never gets old. With tiny chunks of real strawberries, it’s a fruity explosion that feels like a dessert, but with all the health benefits of breakfast. Again, this flavor does include coconut milk so the flavor profile was not as much of a favorite as the others.

MUSH oats apple cinnamon
Image via MUSH

Apple Cinnamon

Channeling the vibes of a warm apple pie, this flavor is both comforting and invigorating. The combination of tangy apples and aromatic cinnamon is a match made in heaven. Honestly this flavor was so flavorful and absolutely delicious. I could see myself eating this for breakfast year round, unlike hot oatmeal that feels like more of a winter vibe.

MUSH oats dark chocolate
Image via MUSH

Dark Chocolate

Surprisingly my most favorite, this flavor is definitely a rich and indulgent experience. Infused with luscious dark chocolate and blended seamlessly with smooth almond milk, this variant offers a velvety, decadent treat that feels sinful yet remains a healthful breakfast choice. It’s the perfect blend for those who crave a touch of dessert luxury in their morning routine. Whether you’re a chocophile or just in need of a sweet pick-me-up, this flavor is bound to be a favorite.

MUSH oats peanut butter
Image via MUSH

Peanut Butter

Admittedly I’m a huge peanut butter fan so I enjoyed this one. To me it tasted like a yummy peanut butter treat, but for breakfast! It’s made with oat milk, which gives it a good creamy and smooth taste. Let’s also not forget that this flavor has the highest protein out of all of the flavors. But if you love peanut butter, then this one’s just for you.

Flavors We Didn’t Try

MUSH oats coffee
Image via MUSH


For the caffeine lovers out there, this flavor has 27mg of caffeine per serving. It combines the rich flavors of coffee with the tropical notes of coconut. It’s sounds like having your morning brew and breakfast, all in one spoonful. Plus the online reviews make it sound like one of the more popular flavors MUSH offers.

MUSH oats peanut butter chocolate
Image via MUSH

Peanut Butter Chocolate

MUSH’s Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor is packed with protein with 2x as much protein as some of their other flavors! I’d love to try this one but I imagine it’s like having the best chocolate and peanut butter treat, but for breakfast.

MUSH oats Peach
Image via MUSH


If you want to enjoy a fruity start to your morning, I expect MUSH’s Peach flavor to be a good candidate! This one is mixed with coconut milk, so my non-coconut fans be wary. If you love sweet peaches, then I’d say this one’s perfect for you to give a try.

Image via MUSH


I’m super curious about the PB&J flavor. From the ingredients list, it sounds like it would be more strawberry forward. But peanuts certainly can take on a dish pretty quickly. If anyone has tried out this flavor, please let us know how it is!

But How Do They Taste?

Texture-wise, MUSH nails the consistency. The oats are soft without being too mushy (pun intended), and there’s a delightful creaminess that’s characteristic of well-made overnight oats.

As for the flavors, they truly shine. Each tub tastes fresh, and it’s evident that MUSH prioritizes quality ingredients. The natural flavors of fruits and additions come through without being overpowered by artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Is It Worth the Hype?

So, after diving deep into the world of MUSH, is it worth adding to your shopping cart?

I’ll say this, you’re definitely getting convenience with these overnight oats. The portability factor is a major win. It’s an easy grab-and-go whenever you’re in a rush.

But MUSH also doesn’t skimp on health. They prioritize clean ingredients such as glyphosate free oats, ensuring that each serving is both delicious and beneficial. Some of their flavors even get up to double digits for the amount of protein (aka more filling) in them.

To me, because there is a range of flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a fruit fanatic or a vanilla aficionado, MUSH has got you covered. And sure, MUSH might be a tad pricier than making your overnight oats, the convenience and quality justify the cost for many.

Most Whole Foods, Targets and other chain grocery stores carry the overnight oats. Be sure to check out their store locator to see the closest retailer to you!

MUSH overnight oats offer a compelling mix of convenience, nutrition, and taste. For those mornings when time is of the essence (or let’s be honest, for those mornings when you just don’t want to cook), they’re a fantastic option. The brand’s commitment to quality and their delightful flavor range make them a standout in the refrigerated breakfast section.

So, the next time you’re at the store, give MUSH a try. Your taste buds might just thank you!

And if you’re curious about more oat related products, be sure to check out our post on Oat MALK.

Have you tried MUSH overnight oats? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear your personal review!

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