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Boost Your Mood With These 7 Best Saffron Supplements

Saffron’s not just for cooking anymore. Known as one of the most expensive spices in the world, saffron has been making a splash in the supplement scene as well. But which is the best saffron supplement? What do you want to look for when reading the supplement labels?

We provide you with the tools you need to know in order to select the best saffron supplement for you. You’ll also learn a more about saffron and the reasons why so many people are starting to incorporate it into their daily routine.

How Saffron Supplements Help

Fun fact. Saffron is a very pricey spice that is more expensive than gold. Typically used in dishes like paella or risotto, it’s difficult to harvest which is why the price is so high.

While nothing has been scientifically proven, many believe that saffron might treat depression, anxiety and even promote weight loss. One thing we do know is that it does have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants have been known to help reduce stress which is one way you can use these best saffron supplements to improve your mood!

Best Saffron Supplements – Gummies

Olly Hello Happy Gummy worms

1. OLLY – Hello Happy

If looking at the product design alone doesn’t make you feel happy, try eating two of these OLLY gummy worms a day. Each serving of OLLY Hello Happy gummy worms has the standard amount of 30mg of saffron. What makes these mood boosters stand out is that it also includes 50mcg of Vitamin D. 

For my work from home or in office workers out there, how often do you get out in the sun? It’s an increasing issue that people are not getting enough Vitamin D which is a known mood booster.

Curious about the taste? I’ve been taking these for a few weeks now and these citrus flavored saffron gummies taste like candy. It’s not hard to believe because one serving does contain 3g of sugar (glucose syrup and beet sugar) but I was surprised that there isn’t any bad after taste.

Nature's bounty stress comfort mood booster gummies

2. Nature’s Bounty – Stress Comfort Mood Booster

As a well known brand in the supplement space, Nature’s Bounty has released a whole line of Stress Control products. For a more soothing effect, the Mood Booster line of supplements combines saffron extract and GABA. If unfamiliar with GABA, research has proven that higher levels of GABA produce calming effects.

While two of these wild berry flavored gummies have 3g of sugar (from corn syrup and sugar) they do have a little bit of a funky after taste.

Best Saffron Supplements – Capsules​

The Fullest - Kinder thoughts saffron capsules

3. The Fullest – Kinder Thoughts

The fancy price tag might already have you tapping out when it comes to the Fullest brand, but hear me out. For this particular capsule, you’re getting a dose of turmeric, MCT oil powder and saffron extract. With this unique mixture, the results good have the impact you’re looking for.

Turmeric is scientifically proven to have powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory impact. Pairing MCT oil with turmeric has been very popular in the Keto and Bulletproof fan base. But if you’ve never been a fan of the taste, this pill gives you the potential for same results without drinking it. Add in the benefit of saffron to this mix and you’ve got yourself a unique supplement option.

4. Life Extension – Mood Improve

Life Extension has also created a special combination of ingredients. Each capsule is a blend of saffron and probiotics, making it a great candidate for the list of best saffron supplements.

If you’re unfamiliar with probiotics, they are known to promote gut health. By improving your digestive system, some studies are beginning to look into how this may be linked to the brain and improving overall behavior. So if you’re already taking probiotics on a regular basis, give this probiotics and saffron extract combination a try!

Bulletproof Zen Mode supplement

5. Zen Mode – Bulletproof

Feeling stressed and willing to try something new? Bulletproof’s Zen Mode is packed with a long list of trending ingredients.

Starting with the Bulletproof Zen Blend, you’ll find a mix of holy basil, ashwagandha, saffron, and kanna. Because this is their own blend, it’s important to note that the amounts included of each ingredient is not fully known. You’ll also find vitamin B6, magnesium, L-Theanine, 5-HTP and GABA which are some big names in the supplement space right now.

Basically, Bulletproof has taken natural, herbal remedies and paired them with well known nutrients to create a special stress relieving antidote. If you’re looking to try some, Bulletproof suggests taking three capsules a day.

NAOMI Saffron Hunger Control capsules

6. Naomi – Saffron Hunger Control

Naomi Saffron Hunger Control is marketed to be the best saffron supplement for weight loss. There have been some clinical trials with promising results in regards to the power of saffron. Studies have found that saffron out performs a placebo in helping curb snacking in-between meals.

Each capsule is mixed with saffron and dichrostachys glomerata. A west African superfruit has not yet been proven to help with weight loss. But it does seem to have some anti-inflammatory properties. On Naomi’s website they claim that by taking two capsules a day and pairing it with daily exercise and diet, you may see results as early as 8 weeks.

Mother Nutrient Saffron Extract

7. Mother Nutrient – Saffron Extract

Compared to the rest of the saffron supplements on this list, the Mother Nutrient capsules have a larger amount of saffron. While most supplements have around 30mg of saffron extract, one serving of this brand has over two times as much (88.5mg). For the person who doesn’t like swallowing pills, this brand only calls for one capsule a day so it may be the one to try.

Another plus of choosing this supplement option is the fact that you get a larger supply. So for those of us who like to buy in bulk, get you some of these saffron extract capsules!

As always, we suggest you do your own research to determine if something is right for you. Be sure to consult your doctor if you have any health concerns incorporating a new supplement into your daily routine. 

Let us know if we skipped what you think is the best saffron supplement and we can always update our post! 

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