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Ain't nothing to it, just do it.

Looking for the secret sauce to finally get motivated and lose weight? Over the years, and after a lot of searching, we’ve found out that something like that? It sadly does not exist.

Finding your groove and getting into a fitness routine, ultimately requires you to take one foot and put it in front of the other. Each step, big or small, gets you closer to your goal.

We’re here to help answer those random health and fitness related questions you may stumble upon along the way. Use Moderately Fit as your resource and motivation wherever you may be on your path to a more balanced lifestyle. 

Our Team

While we may currently be a small team, we’ve got big goals. Right now, Moderately Fit is run in the early morning hours and late nights of the day. Our goal is to one day jump all in and give our full time efforts to the Moderately Fit community.

Moultrie Bolling and their daughter

Bolling Ball

Founder & Writer

Bolling is the lead writer and founder of Moderately Fit. Her true self would prefer to be eating Little Debbies and reading a book on the couch all day. But after a long journey of trying to find any kind of exercise she would do consistently, Bolling found CrossFit and drank the “Koolaid” so to speak. 

And yes, she married a guy with the last name Ball. So she is in fact, Bolling Ball.

Box jump

Moultrie Ball

Writer & Tech Support

Moultrie is another writer on the team, offering up the male perspective when needed. He’s also the brains behind the Moderately Fit app, a habit building app backed by science.

Picky eater turned lover of brussels sprouts, Moultrie’s been on the CrossFit bandwagon since before it was cool (seriously though, like circa ’07). If he’s not working, he’s either playing legos with their daughter, working on their house renovation or tinkering with something. Basically this guy never sleeps!

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