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PBfit vs PB2 – What’s the difference?

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Nothing beats the real deal but if you’re looking for a way to cut some calories, powdered peanut butter is a great substitute to regular peanut butter. There are a few major brands to choose from, PBfit and PB2 being two popular ones. But what’s the difference? Are all powdered peanut butters the same? We dive in to take a look at PBfit vs PB2 to give you a full, detailed review of the two brands. 

If you’ve never tried powdered peanut butter, I’m hear to tell you (as a prior skeptic myself), that powdered peanut butter is actually really tasty! Learn about how it’s made, the run down of PBfit vs PB2 and how to use it, all in this detailed powdered peanut butter post!

How powdered peanut butter is made

Making powdered peanut butter is actually fairly straight forward. First, the peanuts are roasted and then gently pressed which removes a lot of the fat and therefore calories associated with the fat. Then the pressed peanuts get ground up and mixed with a few natural ingredients like salt or coconut palm sugar to great the final result! 

PBfit - the details

BetterBody Foods is the company behind PBfit. This health company makes a ton of healthy food products. They produce anything from avocado and coconut oil to oatmilk or natural sweeteners. Their powdered peanut butter (PBfit) boasts 87% less fat and 1/3 the amount of calories than regular peanut butters.

The big difference between PBfit vs PB2 is that PBfit has a larger variety of powdered peanut butters. PBfit powdered peanut butter flavors includes:

  • PBfit peanut butter powder
  • PBfit chocolate
  • PBfit pumpkin spice
  • PBfit organic
  • PBfit pure peanut
  • PBfit sugar-free
  • PBfit plus vegan chocolate
  • and a few others

PB2 - the details

On the label of a container of PB2, it boasts that it is the original peanut butter powder. Their site says that the company launched back in 2007.

With 90% less fat and 70% fewer calories thank regular peanut butter, it’s easier to see why powdered peanut butter has taken off in the health foods industry.

PB2’s product line includes cocoa, vanilla, organic, almond and pre+probiotic versions of the powdered peanut butter.

PBfit vs PB2 comparison

Honestly, I thought PBfit and PB2 were the same brand initially. They sound so similar that I thought maybe an added ingredient was in one vs the other. Turns out that PBfit vs PB2 are very similar with just a few key differences when it comes to the nutritional breakdown.

1.5 tbsp water1 tbsp water
2g total coconut sugar2g total sugar
70 calories60 calories
2g total fat1.5g total fat
150mg sodium90mg sodium
3g dietary fiber1g dietary fiber
8g protein6g protein

How to use powdered peanut butter

The beauty of powdered peanut butter is you can use it anywhere that you’d think to use regular peanut butter! Whether you put it in your smoothie or protein shake or your favorite cookies, it’s up to you! For those of you that don’t want to risk thick chunks of peanut butter in your protein drink, try substituting this protein recipe for powdered peanut butter.

The reviews

As far as Amazon goes, reviews are fairly close when it comes to the two brands.



4.7 stars, 9,299 reviews

Described by many as thicker and less sweet. A great option for when you need to spread it.



4.8 stars, 12,322 reviews

Sweeter (which some consider meaning a better taste) and a thinner consistency making it a great option for smoothies, protein shakes, etc.

Powdered peanut butter recipes

Looking for some ways to use your PBfit or PB2 powdered peanut butter?

Check out our newly released Powdered Peanut Butter Cookbook for free! Within the cookbook you’ll find over 70 pages of content, along with an easy reference chart for converting regular peanut butter to powdered peanut butter measurements. You can preview a few of the recipes included in the cookbook, over on our detailed blog post about it.

Moderately Fit Powdered Peanut Butter Cookbook cover

Which one is better?

In the end, both PBfit and PB2 are very similar in how they are made. As for which one tastes better? 

To me, I honestly can’t tell the difference. If one is on sale, that’s the one I’m getting. Based on reviews it seems that it is more of a personal preference so I’d say try them both and see.

Have you tried both brands of peanut butter? What were you thoughts? Was there a clear difference? Let us know in the comments.

And if you’re looking for more product reviews, we’ve got all the details on the newest fitness trackers on the market. Take a look at our review of the Amazon Halo vs the WHOOP fitness trackers.

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12 Responses

  1. I feel the PBfit has more flavor but then again that may be due to it being a sweeter product.
    I tried the PB2 and was disappointed

    1. Interesting! I use both powdered peanut butter brands in my smoothies so I haven’t noticed the sweeter taste as much. I’ll try to pay closer attention and see if I can tell. To me, the initial shock is how much less sweet both powdered peanut butters are compared to regular peanut butter. But you get used to it quickly I think! 🙂

    1. I have used PB2 for peanut butter and jelly multiple times. It has a much less sweet taste than real peanut butter in a sandwich. It blended with the bread flavor, making it taste like a jelly sandwich minus the peanut butter. But you still get the same full feeling that peanut butter gives you. So it was a win in my book! I am trying the Pbfit powder in my sandwich today, maybe it will have more flavor like the review says

  2. This was helpful.Not sure it makes a difference and maybe its just the stores choice but I noticed that Pb2 is with the regular peanut butter but Pbfit is in the health section.I honestly chose the Pbfit because I get more servings for the same price as the Pb2

    1. Really interesting find, thanks for sharing! What grocery store was that? Also a good point that you can get more servings in PBfit since it’s small size is an 8oz container. Whereas the PB2 comes in a 6.5oz container. Very much appreciate the details!

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